Richard Briers Quotes

We need more theatres more art and more culture in this country.

I knew absolutely nothing about acting and had to be taught everything. Some people are born naturals and know how to walk talk and hold themselves. I didn't and had to learn everything.

I was 20 I was an amateur from 14 but my first professional role was at 22.

An hour's hard digging is a good way of getting one's mind back in the right perspective.

A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever.

I have been in the series for over 3 years - 3 series. There will be a fourth series next year which of course I won't be in because I'm now dead. So in total I appeared in 25 episodes.

I make it a point of honour to have a couple of gnomes in my garden as silent testimony to the right of gnome-lovers everywhere to do their own thing without fear of snide remarks.

I prefer theatre but TV keeps you well known.

Even with talent it's who you meet at the right time that tips the scales.