Reynolds Price Quotes

The death of every art form seems imminent at least once in every century; but while the very funeral arrangements go forward some child is born who is Michelangelo Picasso Yeats.

Southerners ask intimate questions in the way monkeys groom each other for lice not to pry but to make you feel cared for.

I think we Southerners have talked a fair amount of malarkey about the mystique of being Southern.

As a child I thought it was very boring when I had to sit with [my mother] on the city streets but the time sank deep and surfaced later.

Strength just comes in one brand - you. Stand up at sunrise and meet what they send you and keep your hair combed

Cities are the least permanent things in our civilization.

Life is short and often stingy; feast the heart with what it craves short of cruelty and let the world wonder.

The sound of story is the dominant sound of our lives.

Writing is a fearsome but grand vocation"?potentially healing but likewise deadly. I wouldn't trade my life for the world.

What I still ask for daily-for life as long as I have work to do and work as long as I have life.

The only thing more destructive than a tornado is a family.

The older I've got the less I find myself going back and re-reading or really reading new fiction or poetry.

I've met little meanness wherever I went.

Stand up at sunrise and meet what they send you.