Rene Russo Quotes

I'll be honest with you: I'd rather have BAFTA over an Academy Award any day. Because it's just cool.

Unfortunately I think depression and anxiety are really hard to live with. And what people don't need is to feel bad about themselves because they decide to go on medication.

I am self-conscious and I'm aware of my body. But I struggle with America's limited idea of what perfection is.

I think acting is something that came natural.

We all do things where we don't care about other people. And we deal with it in whatever ways we can denial or make excuses.

Every day every birthday candle I blow out every penny I throw over my shoulder in a wishing well every time my daughter says 'Let's make a wish on a star ' there's one thing I wish for: wisdom.

By high school I was already tall - 5-foot-8 - and one day I made the mistake of wearing green tights. The football players all started calling me the Jolly Green Giant.

I think early in my career I didn't choose films that were crappy films necessarily but I didn't go out and campaign for smaller better roles.

I wanted Raging Bull. I wanted Casino. I got Rocky and Bullwinkle. But that's OK because I still get to tell people I've worked with Robert DeNiro.

Strong and in control - I don't necessarily feel that way. I'm a little bit more scattered in my life. I'm more of a street girl in a way.

I always thought I'm kind of a tough girl.

I'm not the kind of person that would step on people just to get where I wanted to be but I have crossed moral boundaries when I've either been afraid or desperate.

I always go into a film situation depressed and fearful.

Being married I would say most relationships are pretty codependent in some ways.

Beauty and youth can stay inside but it doesn't outside.

I was never the kind of person who cared much what people thought about me.

I'm a California girl and I'd love to restore a sense of place to Southern California.

I envy my daughter's childhood.

I was inspecting eyeglass lenses for a while. And I worked as a concession girl in a movie theater. And I was ironing before that. I always had some kind of a job. And then I started modeling.

I had to fend for myself from the time I was 17 years old. I was a high-school dropout. I wasn't quite living on the streets but I didn't have a lot of hope.

I was a high-school dropout; I was a loner.

I didn't have a father growing up and I was raised with all women and I didn't really understand men. I thought they were like women right?

In high school I was very unpopular.

I never thought I could model and I certainly never thought about acting. It's just something that happened to me.

Maybe it's that I'm naive but I don't think of myself as an age.

I didn't set out wanting to be an actress. That's not what I did. I didn't go to class striving to become an actress. I just basically - honestly I didn't have anything else going.

I have nothing against younger women and older men on screen. What is sad is that so many women over 40 who have so much to give aren't being considered to play opposite men their own age or younger.

I think all writers are different. I've been with a few writers; they're all different.