Reggie Lewis Quotes

I don't want the All-Star Game to be a one-time thing.

I worked a lot on my ball-handling and outside shooting during the off season.

Basically I'm more confident in my whole game.

I've never been scared of contact. Now I get to bring it that's what I love to do so I'm going to bring it.

Scoring a lot of points is great when you win but when you lose it doesn't matter.

For me that's natural. The instinct to score comes naturally and if you have it you've got to go to it.

I think around the league I'm getting more respect. And that's great.

I want to be back every year. If I don't go I want it to be because someone else just was having a great season. I want it to at least be a close call.

The Knicks left me open a lot of times the last time we played them and I was just making sure I took the shots that were there.

If I'm the weak link or whatever I guess that means I've got something to prove. I've always had something to prove.

I never really looked at myself as a scorer but if the shot is there I'm certainly going to take it.