Rebel Wilson Quotes

As a kid I never thought I'd be an actress. Never ever ever no way. I was really shy - bordering on social disorder shy - and I was really academic.

I wasn't an extroverted kid. I was very academic and very introverted.

I think I appear very innocent and soft but I'm actually very dark and edgy. It's a weird dichotomy.

Because of my filming commitments in America you have to sign contracts where you can't change your physical appearance.

I love rapping. I do. My styling's similar to Missy Elliott - I think she's so dope. In a weird way that's how I first learned the American accent: doing American rap songs.

I do notice that when I come in to meet casting people they love that I'm Australian. Maybe it's our good work ethic.

I come from the rougher side of Sydney. I don't know whether you can compare them to the projects but in Australia it definitely is the rougher side.

I wrote my own play 'The Westie Monologues ' about where I'm from in Australia and it was very successful. From that I started getting offers from television.

Some people think success is overnight. I suppose considering I came from Australia it has been pretty quick. But I have a background in stand-up and improv so I've really had to prove myself.

I had a great career in Australia so it was a hard decision to move to America. But in 2010 I was asked to audition for the part Melissa McCarthy ended up playing in 'Bridesmaids.'

I really like writing from real-life experiences. Audiences seem to prefer the stuff I couldn't have made up.

Been sitting at home all weekend writing for MTV Movie Awards - unfortunately MTV won't let me do my strip routine ala Magic Mike...

People ask if my parents are hippies but they're actually very conservative. A girl called Rebel sang at their wedding and that's where my name came from.

I do acting for the awards... and cash money.

I'll often use my real stuff in my writing because it comes across as more authentic.

When I was younger I did karate and martial arts and I think it's really cool for girls to have those kinds of abilities.

When I was just a girl in Sydney no one thought 'Oh she's going to be a movie star.' No one. I had to get by with actual skill and talent.

I never thought I would end up being an actress. I thought I really was going to do serious stuff like law or politics.

There are so many glamorous actresses but you know what? In the real world nobody looks like that.

I think Russell Crowe is a brilliant actor.

I'd love to do a court-room drama. I loved 'Ally McBeal.' That was one of the main reasons I went to law school.

Even when I'm playing someone named 'Fat Amy.' I'm all about confidence and attitude.

I come from a family of professional dog-showers one step above carnies but I didn't want to join the family business.

I think 'Bridesmaids' has changed things socially and culturally. Before it was really difficult for women to do scatological humour without seeming gross.

I remember my first taste of American big movies was 'Ghost Rider.' I'm in two little scenes. But for those two little scenes they had 400 extras upside-down stunt cars and a fire brigade.

At school nobody thought I was smart and I became smart. Nobody wanted to be my friend and then I had lots of friends.

I do notice on Twitter that a lot of girls write to me and they either say 'I want to be your best friend ' or they say 'I have a total girl crush on you.' I'm like 'Awww.'

Get ready for 'Les Mis 2'... I'm playing 'Fat Cosette.'

When you're a kid you don't want to be teased.

I'm trained in musical theatre and 'Pitch Perfect' is the first movie where I get to really belt out. I beat Adele for that role.

If I get two lines in the script I somehow turn it into 20. I've got a bit of a bad habit of doing that of just embellishing my little moment.

Sometimes my mum is very disapproving of my comedy.

I studied law at university and was sort of grooming myself to go into that kind of career. I filmed 'The Wedge' while studying which was very difficult but I'm proud I completed my degree.

I think that women out there should just be happy with how they look and they shouldn't really try to conform to any stereotype. Just be happy and hopefully healthy.

I was in an a cappella group in high school.

I was sporty in high school. I played tennis and hockey and was basketball captain. Then I went to university and stopped doing sport and started eating ice cream.

My family keeps me pretty grounded. Like if I try anything diva they're like 'Oh shut up. Go and do the dishwasher.'

I remember just sitting down one day and going 'I should have friends.' And then I developed a sense of humour. By the end of high school I would say I was the most popular girl.

I've got a swimming pool and I pretend to be like a mermaid like in the middle of the night. It kind of de-stresses me.

I caught malaria and the medicines caused a hallucination. I dreamt I won an Oscar for acting. I know it sounds stupid but it was so real and I just knew then it would happen.

Most people who know me know I'm not switched on all the time. I don't like to be like that in real life because it's draining.

Usually when I ask people to reach into my velvety pouch it means something different.

I love it when the director says 'Rebel just do whatever you want.' I'm like 'Yes!

For a comedienne you have to have a little tragedy or a dark side just not too much. Otherwise it's too disruptive.

I like to take things one step at a time because the entertainment industry is very uncertain.

I stay fat because it just wouldn't be fair to all the thin people if I were this good-looking intelligent funny and thin. It's a public service really.

I never thought I'd be the type of girl who'd be doing like fashion shoots.

What they do in America in all those sitcoms is hire glamorous girls and they're never that funny... that's because they've never had to develop a personality because they're hot.

Work hard to achieve integrity in your work and your relationships with the people you work with.

I'm constantly moving and constantly travelling and so it's really hard to maintain a relationship in that kind of environment.

Where I come from out in the suburbs I didn't know anyone who was a professional actor. And girls that looked like me? No girls like that were on TV.

The more I know about America the better I'll be at performing American characters and American stories.

I try to be healthy. I train three days a week with a trainer. But I do like to eat clearly. And I do eat dessert every day. If I cut that out yes I would lose weight.

I think that actresses can be in all different shapes and sizes but it is a profession and as an actor your body is one of your big tools. So you've got to be fit in a sense.