Ramin Bahrani Quotes

We're living in a world that says that if you engage in mass fraud you'll be rewarded but if you go down the street and steal an orange juice you get arrested.

I never say "Action" or "Cut." Never. I think that would disturb the life from happening in and around everything.

The actors come and you start seeing things happen for real.

Most of the projects aren't that interesting anymore. There used to be a day when the studios made amazing films and they were about human beings.

So much can be learned by any filmmaker by studying his work in terms of blocking staging editing and sound.

You have to let life come and go.

Since Hollywood seems to be more interested in people wearing tights and using powers there seems to be a fertile ground for movies about real human beings.

The job of the writer and the filmmaker is not to impose his vision on the reality but to be inspired by the reality and create a vision out of that.

Sometimes we have dreams but we just can't make them. That's normal.

I like to give the actors the freedom and they know they have the freedom to change anything they want at any time.