Rachel Bloom Quotes

I was bullied a lot in middle school and my bullies have since all apologized.

When you're an only child you get very used to pleasing the adults around you.

It feels like being a woman now gives you a slight advantage.

I love acting. I'm actually a very emotional actor.

I'll tell you anything about myself. I will show you my bare butthole.

That quality is what makes women great collaborators; we understand it's a team effort. Even if it comes from society telling us to be polite.

I loved musicals love them still. But also I'm really inspired by comedy music.

One of the ways that my show has been most successful is when it's dealing with women's issues like Spanx and plucking and having heavy tits. That's why it feels like creatively an advantage.

'YOU AREN'T TALENTED' - it cuts right to the fear of every artist.

As a young girl if you do something funny - especially if you're Jewish - someone says 'Oh have you seen Gilda Radner?'

Women are very funny. Some of the funniest people I can think of are women.

If you let love solve everything for you you have a lot of problems.

If I could create my own utopia it would be this genderless world where we didn't have to talk about it.

I think I have learned to really get out of the mathematical side of myself that looks at story and story structure and go with "Okay well what would people do in real life?

There is so much more to me than my parts and what I wear what my clothes are.

Now women in comedy is a trendy topic and people are hungering for women's voices in a way that they haven't before.

Men aren't actively writing women to oppress them men are writing what they know. I say you can be much better as a woman for women's rights if you just go up there and write your own material.