Rachael Taylor Quotes

I don't really look forward to movie stardom or doing a $200-million movie or winning an Academy Award.

I can see my ghost trying to get that Academy Award forever stuck in a casting office. Can you imagine? I've spent enough time in audition rooms. I don't want to be doing that in my afterlife.

I tend not to wear accessories. I'm not one of those gals with a drawerful of amazing jewelry. I don't even have my ears pierced! But I have one bracelet that never comes off my wrist.

Aesthetically I don't really like the blond tan thing. I am pale. So I may as well embrace the pale. Long blond hair and a bad spray tan is the stuff of my nightmares.

I definitely wouldn't shy away from doing another action based project but I feel like my forte is more like playing real ordinary people. I'm a girl's girl.

I'm all about a flat shoe. It takes a lot to get me into a heel!

I'm not a collector. I toss things out all the time.

I think all television has to be about relationships and I don't think horror for the sake of it can work unless you're able to ground it in some kind of relationship.

I've done stuff to pay my dues and that's what actors are supposed to do because I was a really bad actor when I was 18 or 20.

For me clothing is nothing without the story behind it. Everything I own evokes some kind of memory.

I know what I want I want things for myself but I think the key to life is somebody to love something to do and something to look forward to. I don't think it's complicated.

I really like working in television and I like exploring a character over a longer period of time and I like the consistency of television.

[Sexual abuse] is such a sharp potent topic that we really should have discussions about more openly and more often.

If I'm going to take my clothes off I figured I might as well do it for something that I'm directing myself since I had complete control of the edit.

The first season [of Jessica Jones] exceeded my expectations already so I'm just waiting to see what will happen in the second season.

I like people that are not frightened to say what they think.

We live in a world of instant gratification the world of the quick fix.

When you are in control of what the final product is there is kind of no limitation to what you feel like you can do because you know that if you don't like it you can just cut it out.

I'm an actor that likes to go to work. I like going to work every day. I'm a worker by nature. I'm not someone who does one film a year and feels satisfied by that.

An inspiring word for me is to think of myself as limitless.