R.N. Prasher Quotes

The Seeker The Teacher and The Genius:Knowing is an art; communicating that knowledge is art twice over; but it is only the genius who can use that knowledge.

Unconditional love should not be presumed to be without ardent expectations as also the inevitable disappointment.

One of the perils of life is to be asked a question which the wisest of them cannot answer. But a smile does the job.

A smile is merely a symptom of the human condition called happiness. Animals are affected by that condition more often though the symptoms are not so obvious.

Whatever time mother goes to heaven it is always too soon. Fortunately she is forever.

Racism and religious bigotry are two essential pieces of baggage mankind carries as it moves from one century to the next.

As long as one can think as an outsider an observer apart from the conflict there is hope for a resolving thought.

Like everything else we know the futility of money only when we have more than enough of it.

When a lie makes a soft bed for everyone may the truth lie low. God as commonly understood appears to be one such lie. God as non-existence is not everyone's cup of tea and He better remain so.

What is knowledge but a lucid enunciation of ignorance of yesterday. If there is no darkness to dispel there can be no light.

Truth is always a quest and if it looks anything like a destination it is proof that we are on to illusion. Thus unique is each quest!

As you look up to see the stars keep watching the ground with your feet.