Quentin Blake Quotes

I don't wait for inspiration. I'm not in fact quite sure what inspiration is but I'm sure that if it is going to turn up my having started work is the precondition of its arrival.

I don't have anything interesting to conceal or reveal in my private life and it is really only my work and professional life that I want to talk about.

It was an accident of circumstance that I never married.

I don't feel as if I belong to an age group.

Sometimes people think drawing and painting is mucking about when actually it is a highly skilled activity.

Going to hospital is rather like going to an alien planet.

You see I don't draw from life at all but I do look out of my window a lot.

Being positive may be a character defect of mine.

Sometimes I think people get into trouble because they can't say what they want to.

I'm trained as a teacher; that's the only thing I've got a certificate for.

Television is kind of a disappointment. I often want to watch it but I find it quite hard - I don't like soaps reality TV or celebrity chefs.

I think it is important for children to read different things to find out about their emotions and other people's emotions. It is an enormous source of education and culture.

I know some children's writers write for specific children or for the children they once were but I never have. I just thought children might like my sort of visual humour.

Guinea pigs are quite difficult to draw I think because they're so furry.

If you want to read and you want to draw that helps you to express yourself.

With my pictures what I hope is that it encourages the reader to imagine more pictures of his own.

A lot of my travel is at least partly work visiting schools and libraries especially in France.

I think it is the fact that birds are two-legged like us which gives them something of our balance and gesture and makes them nearer to us.

Inspiration is some mysterious blessing which happens when the wheels are turning smoothly.

I don't think there's an illustrator who's as good as a Titian or a Rembrandt... but then Rembrandt was a bit of an illustrator on the quiet you know?

I love the sea but I avoid any sort of seaside resort that has skyscrapers or seaside entertainments.