PJ Harvey Quotes

I'm doing quite a lot of painting on stones - little funny fish and animals.

I think that most art is asking a question or is looking for something looking for answers and that is what life seems to be about for most people.

Maybe I'm just purely lucky. If I've come up against obstacles I've always found another way around it.

I'm a visual artist myself and always have been so it's very natural for me to be very concerned with presentation whether it's artwork or onstage.

I studied art just short of the level where you can earn a degree.

You go back and look at some of the ancient writings that exist throughout the world about wars and it's the same; the human beings' articulation of events is the same. That really fascinated me.

What we are fed through the media I do not accept unless you see it with your own eyes you cant trust anything.

I've always been very interested in the visual aspect of what I do.

When I'm writing for rappers it's kinda like switching "Okay you're not PJ. Now you have to act like a rapper.

I've been so used to being supported by musicians and I don't class myself as a particularly adept musician on instruments. I think I'm a songwriter.

I never feel that I have to adopt a character. It's more the way I choose to present the music and that's always based on what is right for the song.

Some people like Leonard Cohen write one album every 10 years and labor over a song for five years at a time.

I make tiny wooden people with bits of hair. Puppets and things like that.

But huge photographs of dead bodies are slightly different. I couldn't find much humor there.

I think blues music is music of the soul. Of course there are other forms. You could call some classical music blues music in that way.

[I] try to do both because the writing for me to be a new artist the writing is gonna pay the bills.

There is nothing more boring than doing singing exercises.

My mom is a sculptress.

It's good to feel excited by the environment you're in.

People want to build musicians into mythical beings.

People have this idea of me being some kind of monster and that's the complete opposite of who I am.

Being a recording artist and having thousands of people listening to your music and singing your songs and paying for it? It feels great!

I am someone that follows the news and reads newspapers yet what do you believe and what don't you.

Love for money is my sin any man calls I'll let him in.

I had a chip on my shoulders 'cause I felt like I was being overlooked.

I see men come and go but there'll be one who'll collect my soul.

I get to a point when I've collected together enough words that seem like they want to be songs rather than poems or sometimes not.

Everything from a lifetime's worth of collecting things. You know as we go through life and something stays and ends up on your shelf and lives there until you die? Just those little things.

People have a tendency to see country life through rose-colored glasses.

It varies I don't think there is any one set way of writing songs or coming up with ideas it comes in so many ways you know.

There is a thread connecting you no matter how far away you are from someone and you know I have two or three relationships in my life that are like that.

But even when I do give interviews I always come across as such a completely different person. It seems like there's no controlling it anyway.

Obviously the emotions I want to convey through music are streamed through the way I interpret life.

Most of the stuff that I do talk about about being counted out and being an underdog 'cause that's what I feel like I am.

I feel like when I'm writing for other people when I'm doing rap hooks it's kinda like playing dress up for me.

I do write a lot of prose. It's not disciplined enough yet that it's actually become stories or short stories. The idea of writing a novel seems impossible.

We just kind of lost our way. But we were looking to be free. One day we'll float. Take life as it comes.

I'm always writing the past 10 years. A lot has changed in that it's something I do every day.

I did photography painting and drawing but I prefer sculpture. I like it because it's very physical.

Yeah I mean I am somebody that makes an effort to go and see a lot of exhibitions painting drawing sculpture.

When I write - I always write on my own - I demo those songs on a four-track.

Fly with me touch the face of the true God. And then cry with joy at the depth of my love.

Ive always been very visceral in that I feel things very deeply.

First off I think nudity is taken differently in America though they did make a fuss in England too.

You know two people can say exactly the same words saying the same story and it would mean something entirely different.

I find it hard myself to feel justified to sing in a very politically direct way about war or social conditions because I feel so ignorant of a lot of it.

I don't loathe interviews I'm just one of those people who makes music because I find it difficult to talk.

In the same way I write some of my more difficult pieces when I'm at very happy stages in my life.

The devil wanders into my soul.

To think of myself as a role model is extremely flattering but I could never accept that because Im just learning like everybody else.

Before I record for real I know pretty much exactly how I want them to feel.

It's so much in me to want to keep experimenting all the time. It's just inherent.

I do take enormous interest in what's going on. I try to see whatever I can whenever I can.

I try to see as much dance theatre and films as I can because all of it feeds me in a way that I need feeding for what I do.

The craft the writing of a song is about creating a story a life story a world within three minutes but that's the frame if you like the picture frame. That fascinates me.

I'm finding my way and I make mistakes.

As I grew older I actually was prepared to go into fine arts school and do a degree. That was what I was actually settled upon when I was offered a record deal.

I grab an instrument to make my body a song but I'm not a player as such maybe a little more on guitar but certainly not piano.

My town was even smaller. Only six hundred people. We didn't have a grocery store.

I'm always trying to swim to new ground.

Writing is something that I practice at every day to get better at.

I think Ive got a pretty good sense of humor.

I feel like it's very important that I'm doing what I'm doing and I want to keep honoring that and try and do it as honestly as I can.

I have learnt through doing interviews throughout my life that the way that somebody can write about something can change entirely how it was meant or what actually happened.

[Writing] has helped me meet people.

At this point in my life I'm probably not gonna be able to stop writing because it's gonna help me be able to do what I need to do.

You shouldn't separate the piece from the way it's intended. I always feel like words shouldn't be unraveled from the music. They're all linked so much together.

I think I've been interested in music since I was little.

I really don't pay too much attention; I don't go out of my way to read any interviews.

I long ago learned that you can't expect people to interpret the songs in the way they had meant for you as the writer.

When I was young I had idols that I thought were wonderful. I wanted to be just like them.

I decide immediately if I like a person and if I do then I'm myself and if I don't then I give nothing.

I think a lot of people have an idealistic view - if you grow up in the country there can't possibly be anything wrong with you.

Making me into a role model is placing too much importance on what I see as a work in progress.

I feel like "Not For Long" was one for me just because I got to work with two people that I looked up to.

I just started writing and writing for people. And then like I guess after (a) year of getting some placements I kinda got a shot to be an artist. Long story short I think yeah.

I enjoy looking like a tart and thinking like a politician.

Never settle for anything less than you want.

I work on words mostly toward them being poetry or short stories and then some of those become songs.

I think I'm a maker of songs and songs are like films or a picture: You put them over there and they have nothing to do with you.

It [ "Not For Long"] was the biggest song that I've had and I actually heard it on the radio multiple times.

I think of myself as a songwriter a weaver of story and imagination in a way that a novelist might write a book.

In college I thought I wanted to be solely an artist and then when I got here to college I was like "Okay well I want to be a songwriter " 'cause it was like close to Nashville.

Well I'm quite a self-deprecating person.

I would never feel confident enough to express my views and opinions as the right ones because I just don't think that's possible. There are so many sides to everything that nobody is right or wrong.

I just love having no clothes on outside and the only time to do that is when the sun's shining. It's a wonderful sensation to not have any clothes on.

Shame is the shadow of love.

It's so interesting to me how songs take on a shape and body of their own and grow.