Paul Claudel Quotes

The only living socities are those which are animated by inequality and injustice.

Speak about Christ only when you are asked. But live so that people ask about Christ!

Eighty years old! No eyes left no ears no teeth no legs no wind! And when all is said and done how astonishingly well one does without them.

Time: all things consume it love alone makes use of it.

Every birth is a getting to know.

The priest has just baptized you a Christian with water; and I baptize you a Frenchman daring child with a dewdrop of champagne on your lips.

How amazing it is to be alive Anyone who lives and breathes and puts both feet on the ground What possible reason could he have for envying the gods

Gentlemen in the little moment that remains to us between the crisis and the catastrophe we may as well drink a glass of Champagne.

Jesus did not come to explain away suffering or remove it. He came to fill it with His Presence.

We must not seek happiness in peace but in conflict.

Truth has nothing to do with the number of people it convinces.

While she was working on Maturity ... M. Rodin is well aware that people have imagined that he did my sculpture why then do all one can to give credence to these lies.

Doctor do you think it could have been the sausage?

Intelligence is nothing without delight.

It is fortunate that diplomats have long noses since they usually cannot see beyond them.

All that passes is raised to the dignity of expression; all that happens is raised to the dignity of meaning. Everything is either symbol or parable

The words I use Are everyday words and yet are not the same! You will find no rhymes in my verse no magic. There are your very own phrases.

Open your eyes! The world is still intact; it is as pristine as it was on the first day as fresh as milk!

You explain nothing O poet but thanks to you all things become explicable.

When man tries to imagine Paradise on earth the immediate result is a very respectable Hell.

In a word poetry can not exist without emotion or if you will without a movement of the soul which regulates the words.