Patrick Carman Quotes

There's something comforting about the companionship of animals in a new place.

But sometimes you have to wait for an answer to come to you. Especially when the questions are difficult ones.

She was gorgeous and fearless and I was in awe.

Don't get me wrong - I love books! I just think a video has a bigger bang when it comes to a good old-fashioned adrenaline rush.

It's never too late to stop believing a lie " said Thomas. "You need only courage and friends and you have both.

I really hope that all librarians aren't like Gladys Morgan. Because I'd really like at some point to walk into a library and not be afraid for my life.

The size of your body is just right. The only question is whether you're big enough inside.

There was a time when I thought I turned terrible things over in my mind because I read and wrote too many scary stories. (Note self: start writing about unicorns and bunnies)

They wouldn't let me into Germany from 1998-2000 because I bumped into the chancellor's daughter on my skateboard.

I go to a Catholic school and I'm telling you: invisibility = eternal damnation. You can take it to the bank.

There's something really fun about being scared and I guess that was at least part of why I wanted to film certain scenes from my new book 'Skeleton Creek.'

I'm a relic and things were a lot different when I was fifteen and sixteen. There were no cell phones no laptops... I learned to type on an actual typewriter.

Faith never stays put. It's always challenging always questioning. That's what makes it real.

But what was I but a scared child lost in a strange world? How could I replace all that been lost? Where was my place in the world?

I took English courses in college but I don't have an English degree. I have a degree in economics.

There's something darn funny about an old librarian with a potty mouth.

The Grim Reaper doesn't disappear... he catches up.

I remember all the way back in high school thinking about writing books. And in fact I've written a lot of stories. I've got dozens of stories I've written that no one's ever seen.

If bringing down the wall would require you to fly you must believe you can fly. Otherwise when the decisive moment comes you will surely discover you ahve no wings.

As exciting difficult and memorable as our past can be there comes a time when we have to get on with living.

I've stabbed two people with a fork today. What's wrong with me?

If you make something your life's work make sure it's something you can feel proud of when you're an old relic like me.

My job as an author is to tell the story in the best way possible to make it flow seamlessly and get the reader to keep turning the page.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Sorry Mr. Yipes sir she won't budge!' Put your back into it man give it all you've got!' Bang! Bang! Bang!

I killed a guy maybe two. Possibly three. I have one power. Not two or three or four. Just one. I met a girl and she changed everything.

Yes we're pretty into books around my house. We have lots and lots of books around. We have TV but really no one ever watches it.

You can't be gone. I need you here with me. What am I going to do without you?

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't somebody watching.