Nayvadius Cash Quotes

At first Hendrix went and became a superstar in London but if he walked past the Apollo in Harlem no one would know who he was. I'm the hip-hop version of him.

I know I haven't always done things the right way. I'm just trying to reflect on how to make myself better how to become a better man a better father a better person a better artist.

My obsession with outer space is my way of being different. I make astronaut music. It takes an astronaut so long to get to space - that's how long it takes to catch up on my music.

G-Rock from the Westside from Allen Temple. He gave my name The Future; he was like 'Man you the future.' Just stuck with the name.

I don't read blogs. I'm living the life they're writing about. So why read about it?

Every mistake you make allows you to be honest because what's in the dark will come to light so it's better to be truthful about it.

I'm always most comfortable in the studio. It's my comfort zone. I love being there and I love making records.

I can't leave home without certain movies. 'The Godfather' is a big one for me. And I've gotta have my beats so I can write new music.

I gotta have my long trench coats a nice scarf for the winter time when you're walking around and some nice fitted jeans to go with the trench coats.

The most fun moments are being on the stage and seeing how the crowd reacts to your music. The energy of the crowd that makes you just want to go in and keep doing it and be a part of this forever.

I just want to be an inspiration. I'm a rock star I'm Future Hendrix.

Rihanna takes risks and I love a woman who takes risks. It just goes to show you have your own mind and your own way of thinking.

I wanna make my imprint in the game as far as music - hip-hop and just music period. 'Cause I come from hip-hop that's my background but I'm not gonna let that limit me from where I can go.

You make music to change the radio not make music for the radio.