Mona Charen Quotes

The entitlement mentality so carefully cultivated by liberal academics politicians clergymen and journalists continues to corrode the self-sufficiency that once defined the American character.

One might have thought that the Cold War's conclusion would have convinced the Left that appeasement of dictators is not profitable.

If the party of gloom is ever to regain its footing it will have to start by understanding that those who defeated them are not a bunch of ignorant yahoos looking forward to Armageddon.

Liberal dominance of important areas of America's social and political life has undermined many of the virtues that have sustained this country.

Truth telling is the first building block of character -- a quality that seems to be getting rarer and rarer in all-forgiving America.

Just as the baby boom generation seemed to believe it was the first to discover sex many of its members also seemed to think they were the first to discover the horrors of war.

Popular culture in all its crudeness is the output of liberals. It is liberalism that for decades has rejected any protest as 'censorship' or 'McCarthyism.'

Though liberals have portrayed themselves throughout the past several decades as champions of the homeless they are actually guilty of having created and perpetuated their condition.

Any stimulus package amounts to taking money from the pockets of some Americans and placing it in the pockets of others who have better political connections.

The facts of life are conservative.

Liberals and international diplomats (a distinction without a difference) have notorious difficulty understanding how to deal with totalitarian regimes.

Homelessness came into being because liberal policy makers embraced a series of foolish ideas.

Abused And neglected children have paid the price for liberalism's tendency to sentimentalize the poor.

Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of. Quick: try to think of a single movie about the horrors of Stalinism. This is not a failure of imagination. This is moral meltdown.

Every liberal initiative from welfare to antismoking measures is justified by reference to 'the children.' Yet the clear result of liberal policies is to harm children even more than adults.