Mike Scully Quotes

The idea of 'Napoleon Dynamite' as an animated series made perfect sense to me.

I remember when I saw the first 'Austin Powers' movie I was blown away by how fun and original it was.

When you do a film as unique and original as 'Napoleon Dynamite ' it's hard then try to repeat what audiences loved the first time.

I think if you're not offending somebody somewhere then your show is probably just very bland and boring.

I was born in Springfield and raised in West Springfield. My father ran a dry cleaning business and was a salesman.

The Boys and Girls club was basically a second home for me and I always credit it with keeping me out of trouble. From the ages of 6 to 16 I was there nearly every day.

I had been encouraged a lot by my parents and my sixth grade teacher James Doyle at Main Street Elementary School. He was an early supporter of my writing ability.

'The Dick Van Dyke Show' was a huge influence on me as a kid. It looked like a really fun job.

I was very active in the Parks and Recreation department. I recall a lot of the things we had to do from the trips for the department to organizing a Little League those sorts of things.