Meg Wolitzer Quotes

For me a novel relying too heavily on a single idea might be a dry deadly thing unless it possesses an animating force.

Even if you yourself were unhappy and anxious whenever you glimpsed happiness in your child you suddenly became happy too.

Everybody has a theme. You talk to somebody awhile and you realize they have one particular thing that rules them. The best you can do is a variation on the theme but that's about it.

Just the act of sleeping beside someone you liked to be with. Maybe that was love.

It seemed that everywhere you went people quickly adapted to the way they had to live and called it Life.

I've been waiting for someone to sign the permission slip for me to write about sex. In the meantime I've written about sex in all my books anyway.

In 'The Interestings' I wanted to write about what happens to talent over time. In some people talent blooms in others it falls away.

We do seem as a culture to fetishize the "sweep." But I know there's room for "big" short fierce novels and "big" solid ones.

The only option for a creative person was constant motion"?a lifetime of busy whirligigging in a generally forward direction until you couldn't do it any longer.

Both my mother and I have close groups of friends that include other writers and these friendships are very important to us.

If you've written a powerful book about a woman and your publisher then puts a 'feminine' image on the cover it 'types' the book.

The generation that had information but no context. Butter but no bread. Craving but no longing.

Wasn't the whole point of being an artist or at least part of it that you didn't have to wear a tie?

Being a teacher at a restaurant in the town where you lived was a little like being a TV star...

I have never been much of a researcher

After a certain age you felt a need not to be alone. It grew stronger like a radio frequency until finally it was so powerful that you were forced to do something about it.

I always thought talent was everything but maybe it was always money. Or even class. Or if not class exactly connections.

I've always been drawn to writing for young readers. The books that I read growing up remain in my mind very strongly.

This post-college world felt different from everything that had come before it...

People like to warn you that by the time you reach the middle of your life passion will begin to feel like a meal eaten long ago which you remember with great tenderness.

But it had no doubt sprung from true emotion for all that parents ever wanted really was for you to love their child the way they did.

Sometimes it's easier to tell ourselves a story.

People could not get enough of what they had lost even if they no longer wanted it.

Good writing is good writing and I'm so happy when I read it.

The child who was happy with herself meant the parents had won the jackpot.

Books light the fire-whether it's a book that's already written or an empty journal that needs to be filled in.

You had only one chance for a signature in life but most people left no impression.

But now the world he thought had taken them. He knew that this could suddenly happen. One day you just woke up and there was somewhere that you needed to be.

While it's true that some writers when taking on love and war find the task too big or only succeed in one but not the other Mengestu tracks both themes with authority and feeling.

Dennis was present still present and this she thought as she stayed landed against him was no small talent.

Twitter " said Manny waving his hand. "You know what that is? Termites with microphones.

We are all here on this earth for only one go around. And everyone thinks their purpose is to just find their passion. But perhaps our purpose is to find what other people need.

But clearly life took people and shook them around until finally they were unrecognizable even to those who had once known them well. Still there was power in once having known someone.

And specialness - everyone wants it. But Jesus is it the most essential thing there is? Most people aren't talented. So what are they supposed to do - kill themselves?