Max Horkheimer Quotes

With the abolition of otium and of the ego no aloof thinking is left. ... Without otium philosophical thought is impossible cannot be conceived or understood.

The inversion of external compulsion into the compulsion of conscience ... produces the machine-like assiduity and pliable allegiance required by the new rationality.

Whoever is not prepared to talk about capitalism should also remain silent about fascism

The complexity of the connection between the world of perception and the world of physics does not preclude that such a connection can be shown to exist at any time.

Philosophy is overwhelmingly complicated its procedure depressingly slow.

When even the dictators of today appeal to reason they mean that they possess the most tanks. They were rational enough to build them; others should be rational enough to yield to them.

Reason as an organ for perceiving the true nature of reality and determining the guiding principles of our lives has come to be regarded as obsolete.