Maurice Allais Quotes

Fascinated by history during my secondary education then by physics and mechanics at the Ecole Polytechnique I finally entered the national administration of mines in 1936.

I was born May 31 1911 in Paris. My parents owned a small cheese shop and my maternal grandfather was a carpentry worker. I thus came from what is commonly known as the working class.

Too many theorists have a tendency to ignore facts that contradict their convictions.

I received my high school baccalaureate diploma in Latin and Science in 1928 then my two baccalaureate diplomas in Mathematics and Philosophy in 1929.

In fact without any exaggeration the current mechanism of money creation through credit is certainly the "cancer" that's irretrievably eroding market economies of private property.

The reality is that the institutional framework in which Wall Street operates is fundamentally inappropriate and it inevitably generates violent fluctuations of the market.