Matt Papa Quotes

Worship is admiration becoming adoration.

If I don't fight every day to 'fix' my eyes on Jesus my ADD soul will look to a million lesser things.

We never begin worship. We aim it.

If the gospel has never broken you you have never really heard it.

Worship doesn't happen when a guy gets on a stage w/ a guitar. It happens when faith-filled eyes behold the glory of Christ.

Church: if the world could see a snapshot of our worship today would they perceive that we believe our God is worthy of praise?

We must begin to understand that the gospel deconstructs a man before it reconstructs him. First it teaches him he is entitled to nothing and then it give him everything.

The enemy of joy is not suffering it is idolatry.

My scars are numerous my flesh is powerless my enemy is dangerous but my God is glorious and His grace is totally sufficient.

The greatest motivation to share the gospel w/ someone today & everyday: Another voice around the throne. A louder song for Jesus.

If there's no Scripture in the worship set then it's not really a worship set.