Matt Kuchar Quotes

As a kid I wanted to be a pro tennis player. I was pretty good; at the tennis academies I attended I always 'played up' against older age groups.

I have a random array of ball markers in my bag and don't use any specific one. Many are the plastic kind you find at almost any golf course.

As far as golf being athletic I would say go try it let's see how well you do. It's a hard game.

I grew up admiring Phil Mickelson. He loves competing and he loves the fans' support similar to me. In terms of my playing style Steve Stricker and I are similar.

I'm helpless in post-round hole-by-hole interviews. I can't take you through most of the holes of winning the Players Championship the U.S. Amateur or Ryder Cup matches. It's like golf amnesia.

Golf's a great game and you meet a lot of people along the way.

I dislike the gym but I'll chase a tennis ball all day.

Even if you finish the year at No. 1 in the world and Tiger Woods has done this you can still probably get better.

I'm happiest playing a match with my dad and a couple of college friends taking a few bucks off them.

I've always been a guy that's liked a crowd and having people around cheering for me. I'm not a guy that will keep his head down or respond negatively to boos or whatever.

I'd like to see something done about the long putters and belly putters. But I go back and forth on that. I've actually worked with a belly putter.

I want to qualify for the Tour Championship. Being a Georgia Tech grad playing at East Lake would feel like home.

Sometimes in golf I've got 10 000 people watching me. Cameras are easy. Doing the Jay Leno show was easy.

I found an instructor Chris O'Connell who helped me. He turned me into the player I am today - a consistent golfer.

Golf has always been a game where you have to control both ends of the club.

I had a temper when I played junior golf and had my clubs taken away for slamming them on the ground. I learned very quickly that I didn't want my clubs taken away from me.

I'm always a competitor. I'm not there just to have a good time. I want to play well and perform well.

I love getting up to my folks' house and playing golf with Dad. He's very involved with my off-course ventures and I talk to him every third day.

I'm a decent table tennis player but if you were to put me up against any of the guys you see on television at the Olympics I'd be lucky to get a couple of points.

The first 18 holes are extremely difficult.

I used to turn my shoulders pretty level which a lot of golfers think is correct. But that made my swing too shallow coming into impact so my contact was picky especially off the turf.