Mark Waters Quotes

A lot of first-time filmmakers are almost apologizing for their movie by saying 'Well we only had 18 days to shoot you know.'

Frankenstein's actually interesting; he's kind of like a zombie.

When I'm in the middle of making a movie I have blinders on; it's all about just getting the movie out.

Drama is played at the pace of chess... or billiards... or poker. Engrossing? Sure. But comedy is played at the jubilant high-octane speed of sports like basketball or hockey.

My brother is a screenwriter. He likes to say 'I like to take on a genre when it's dying because then people are ready for you to shake it up a little bit.'

The one thing about 'Beautiful Creatures ' 'The Host' and 'The Mortal Instruments ' which are all well-made movies is that they were all infected with a dreadful sincerity.

In college I stopped doing pre-med and went into theater and then I moved to San Francisco and lived there for five years.

I've read the whole 'Divergent' series the 'Pretty' series. I just read it because I find this stuff interesting to read.

Daydreaming allows you to play out scenarios where you miraculously save the day. You play out scenarios in your head that are kind of crazy and then you personally heroically resolve them.

Kids are funny.

After 'Freaky Friday ' another teen movie was not on my playlist.

The 'Twilight' movies are great in their own right but they certainly don't have any sense of humor to them.

When I'm directing actors I often find myself slipping in sports metaphors like: 'Don't go for the punch line here just put it up on a T-ball stand so she can hit it out of the park.'