Mark Leyner Quotes

I always thought of my work as being animated by a spirit of unhinged generosity.

I thought of myself as kind of an anarchist all my whole adult life from the days when I was 15 or 16.

I'm fascinated with video games though I can't really play them. It's definitely an art form that intrigues me to no end though.

Yo! You're my dope dealer not my thesis adviser. If I wanted your opinion about my dissertation I'd have asked for it Motherfucker!

Et Tu Babe' was born out of my absolute certainty that a writer's life was solitary and insular and I was happy with that. I love reading and writing; it's my whole life.

One of the things that struck me as unique about Hollywood is that I never had bad meetings. There were all enthusiastic but meaninglessly enthusiastic.

I dont walk around chuckling all the time. My outlook is very bleak. Its worse than bleak its apocalyptic.

My work generally tends to be an all-out 360-degree subversive take on everything most of all my own notion of myself as a son father husband human being and male in this culture.

I think I'm a shy self-conscious person who thinks he's being looked at and tries to look okay. Not in a hottie narcissistic way necessarily.

I think to simply make fun of something isn't particularly interesting. I try to not just do a parody of something or belittle something or disparage something.

As far as what I do my value as a writer is certainly not to try to recapitulate a 19th century form. Certain styles of narrative don't conform to my style of experiencing the world.

Stand-up comedy had an interesting effect on me in terms of how I started to think about constructing things because I really loved the interstices the linkages or lack thereof.

My relationship with my readers is somewhat theatrical. One of the main things I try to do in my work is delight my readers.

I was an infinitely hot and dense dot.

Sometimes I think my purpose is as a saboteur when I'm working with other people derailing what they're trying to do or taking things to a ludicrous extremity.

I've always been entranced with theater.

I think of memory as a game that is as something one engages in with a very profound kind of "playfulness.

It's in great joy that we grasp truth.

The interesting thing about something in the back of your mind is that it can travel pretty far back in your mind.

I can tell from about 20 yards away when someone has a manuscript for me. I can just tell - they have that look.

I'm in that very preliminary stage of wondering how exactly to "pressurize" the novel in some way I've never considered before.

My idea with my work is always to fashion something that's impossible to transpose into any other media.