Mark Bittman Quotes

We are already eating less animal foods since a few years ago but we are still eating 8-9 billion animals per year.

Anyone can cook and most everyone should.

The current health crisis however is a little more the work of the evil empire. We were told we were assured that the more meat and dairy and poultry we ate the healthier we'd be

We need real farmers who grow real food and the will to reform a broken food system. And for that we need not only to celebrate farmers but also to advocate for them.

Junk food companies are acting very much like tobacco companies did 30 years ago.

The truly healthy alternative to that chip is not a fake chip; it's a carrot.

I live full-time in the world of omnivores and I've never wanted to leave. But the Standard American Diet (yes it's SAD) got to me as it gets to almost everyone in this country.

1 billion people in the world are chronically hungry. 1 billion people are overweight.

Your 'Pringle' contains 30% potato that yoghurt has the same amount of sugar as ice cream that whole grain cereal bar may be no better for you than a snickers.

We need to demonise soda the way we've demonised cigarettes.

Keeping some calorie-dense food in your diet-whether it is meat pasta beer or cake-allows you to reach satiety more quickly and easily. And this will keep you from feeling deprived.

I got into cooking out of self-defense.

Vegan or not gluten-free or not Erin McKenna's donuts are the best I've had in 20 years without exception.

This evidence is overwhelming at this point. You eat more plants you eat less other stuff you live longer.

I'll never stop eating animals I'm sure but I do think that for the benefit of everyone the time has come to stop raising them industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly

It's good to have a short memory because it keeps life fresh.

People need help to change the way they eat... this is what government is for in my opinion.... We should make food an issue for everyone who runs for office.

If you're a progressive if you're driving a Prius or you're shopping green or you're looking for organic you should probably be a semi-vegetarian.