Luke Bracey Quotes

I moved to Los Angeles when I was about 20 all by myself. It was exciting. I had this moment when I felt like I needed to put on my big-boy pants and just make that leap to see what would happen.

Point Break' is a movie that I and all of my friends grew up loving watching all the time quoting living and being.

I remember my first night in L.A. I was sitting outside looking out at the city and thinking 'I don't know anyone.' I just approached it as a big adventure. I still think of it that way.

I thought I'd be a professional rugby player or go to university and get some degree in construction.

I like to think of myself as a romantic person!

I wake up every day and look at my own ugly mug in the mirror and don't think twice about it. The fact that other people might want to look at me still feels funny. It's flattering but funny.

I'm really into the idea of telling stories. Everyone needs stories. Everyone needs to escape every once in a while.