Lisa Cholodenko Quotes

I got exposed to art-house cinema and foreign films. I was from L.A. so it was a film culture that I didn't know about.

In June 2002 I had just finished 'Laurel Canyon' and decided to move back to Los Angeles after nearly a decade in New York. Post-9/11 New York felt different.

I have a deal with HBO to develop television and I am also developing a movie called 'The Abstinence Teacher ' which is based on a book by Tom Perrotta.

The source of so much of my anxiety in life and the tensions in my relationship is my anxiety about my kid. It's all very abstract and unfounded and ungrounded.

I had a great love affair in high school and let myself have that love affair and tried to keep it to myself.

I don't know if my films are about women in a kind of frolicking - here's a grab bag of women's issues. They are about women of substance with very particular stories.

Boundaries get blurry and identities can get lost easily. It's easy to take your partner for granted.

There's a lot of technology out there to help people have children in different ways and later in life for better or worse.

Making the choice to cast someone in a lead role is a big one. You don't want to squander your opportunity.

At the base of it my gut instinct tells me that there's a kind of fundamental misogyny in the culture. There just is. You know there's just a weird anxiety around women.

I had pretty cool parents. Still do.

I think when you're writing films that just come fresh out of your own imagination - I think probably anyone who's done that there are certain themes or styles.

I think I'm interested in these kinds of character dramas psychological dramas domestic dramas whatever you want to call them - comedy dramas.

Everyone on the planet has a dark and a light. That's a multi-dimensional character.

I don't feel like my films are about gender; they are about identity - but a different slant on identity.

I think for any artist your voice is always evolving. For me the constant is finding a tension or balance between drama and comedy.

This whole Oscar thing is so political. It's about how much a film grosses and who's in it and how well it has been promoted.

I just think self-satisfied people ignore certain signs about other people.