Lily Collins Quotes

I never go with something in mind. I like having an array of generations in my outfits!

My mom brought me up on old Hollywood. I had been living in Los Angeles. Respecting old movies and growing up with people that were icons that I got to speak to.

I had some difficult times when I first moved to Los Angeles when people would tell me I was saying things wrong. I felt different although my mum kept reminding me it was OK to be different.

To look into that persons eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world a world full of absolute comfort and happiness.

Iâ??m a big fan of the whip... That snake whip was awesome!

I've realized the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful

In the end when you accept yourself for who you are and you work with what you've got you couldn't be more beautiful because you're confident and everyone notices.

When your whole being is attracted to someone else's whole being then I think that is someone you were meant to be connected with at some point.

I've only ever known growing up across different countries - to me it's just fun.

I'm just fascinated by visiting actual castles in the countryside.

I wanted to watch the women interacting with [Warren Beatty] which takes he chose and how the actresses were reacting in scenes with him.

It's really important to stand up for yourself and not always agree with what people say if indeed you don't feel that that's true

I felt different although my mum kept reminding me it was OK to be different.

I sing some songs but don't expect me to release an album anytime soon.

I don't really have a favorite song. Music is such a big part of who I am and speaks to so many different emotions inside me that I don't have an all-time favorite.

I don't wear dresses all the time - it's nice to save those moments for certain occasions and to make it feel extra special.

The idea that I get to travel and do what I love and call it a job is just a blessing.

I don't know if this is too weird to say but this is completely surreal for me. Bizarre. The cover of 'Teen Vogue' has been on my bucket list forever.

I love baking it's the most calming thing for me. It's therapeutic it makes the house smell good and I get to take the goods to my friends. I do it for other people.

I was actually the one who decided to move to LA. Mom and I were driving on Sunset Boulevard during one of our trips back to see her family and I said 'Can we just stay?' So we did.

I love to test boundaries.

I would say [I love] writing because lately I've been finishing my book.

Life works in mysterious ways but when you find your inner glow is back and shining brighter you know it's right.

If you don't have that trust in the backbone of the project you may not know what you're making.

I like to think of myself as a very passionate person and as very determined.

A lot of my friends aren't working especially since fewer films are being made now and there's more competition.

I was never afraid of going after what I wanted and making that known and being vocal about it.

My parents read me fairy tales every night and I used to believe I was a fairytale princess like every young girl. I had all the Disney dressing-up costumes and would play every character.

Never once does 'Snow White' herself look in the mirror so she isn't aware of her beauty or what apparently that does to people. It's really just the queen and the prince that talk about it.

I watched a few of Warren Beatty films when I was growing Dad loved 'Heaven Can Wait.'

Big brows werenâ??t the look in L.A. where I grew up. But my mom instilled in me that itâ??s the quirky things that make you beautiful.

I love watching old movies anyway - I grew up with my mom watching old movies and being immersed in the history of old Hollywood.

Think before you speak. Think before you judge. Think before you think you have a person all figured out...

I loved the idea [of improvisation] but I'd never taken any classes or practiced it.

I've grown up knowing that you put as much of your private life out there as you feel comfortable with.

I like to be comfortable but I also like to look put together all the time.

People are quick to jump to conclusions.

As a little girl living in the English countryside I used to go running around in the forests creating my own fairy tale.

But the thing is I was never looking at a strategic way of gaining fame. That's not why I'm doing this.

I think the big thing is the fairy tale. It's taking old folk fairy tales and retelling them in modern day. I think it's just taking you out of everyday life and everyone loves a good fairy tale.

My last name may have opened doors but I have to keep them open.

I'm drawn to roles that have real substance that aren't just the victim or the teenage girl or the girlfriend.

When you trust and have elevated personnel in each department then the sky really is the limit.

Decisions are the endless uncertainties of life that we'll not know if they're right until the very end so do the best you can and hope its right.

It truly is the power that you have deep within yourself that gives you the strength to pursue your dreams.

In the '30s every day was an event. And as much as I love that idea I think nowadays it's nice to have the differentiation of when you dress up and when you don't.

My dad knows how to tell a story. He'd make me laugh by doing all the different voices.

I really think everything happens for a reason.

Starting at 16 years old I was in boardrooms of older executives pitching talk shows. I wanted to be the youngest talk show host for a really long time.

Snow White has always been one of my favorite fairy tales growing up. To be able to say "I'm going to be Snow White" - it's crazy. It's an honor.

To play someone I loved in my favourite fairytale as a kid is a total honour.

I'm not against Twitter or Facebook. I'm not against anything. Never say never.

The idea of improvisation kind of freaked me out.

It was interesting to portray a character that was so far removed from today's world but was also at the forefront of feminism at that time.

I love clothes but I don't have a specific favorite because I'm very much a fashionista.

The greenhouse scene! It was just so fun to have the romance and the action.

I love hats I'm such a fan of hats. You don't wear a fascinator everywhere you go but there are ways to incorporate old Hollywood nuances into your looks today but also edge it up.

I'm a huge fan of the series of books by Cassandra Clare The Mortal Instruments. I'm a fan myself so to be cast as the lead heroine is completely incredible.

Iâ??m a huge fan of the books myself so to know that I got to play Clary â?? whoâ??s a literary heroine to me â?? was a huge honour.

My older siblings and I all work in 'the industry'. So obviously we have hectic schedules but we make it work.

At a party recently I was introduced to Meryl Streep and it took me a second to get my head around it. You know that I'm meeting these people now. I'm doing it.

There's this common perception that having a famous last name is all you need. A surname may get you a meeting but if there's no talent you won't get the part.

Life is only as meaningful as you fool yourself into thinking it is

No matter what I need to maintain my sense of self and always be true to who I am.

When it comes to the work I'm excited to see what people think. When it comes to the private life that's when I don't pay attention.

[My book is] a collection of letters and essays about what it takes to be a young woman today. Mostly the taboo things that girls don't want to talk about but once we do we realize we're not alone.