Leonard Susskind Quotes

A lot of my research time is spent daydreaming - telling an imaginary admiring audience of laymen how to understand some difficult scientific idea.

I'm not going to argue with people about the existence of God. I have not the vaguest idea of whether the universe was created by an intelligence.

Science blogs bore me. When everyone is an expert no one is an expert.

I was from a poor Jewish family in the South Bronx. My father was a plumber but when I was 16 he got sick and I had to take over. Being a plumber in the South Bronx wasn't fun.

Science to me is sufficiently weird and interesting and stranger than fiction.

Whether or not evolution is compatible with faith science and religion represent two extremely different worldviews which if they coexist at all do so most uncomfortably.

The success of ordinary cosmology speaks against the idea that the universe was created in a random fluctuation.

Man - life in general - seems irrelevant to the workings of the universe: a mere smudge of water grease and carbon on a pinpoint planet circling a star of no special consequence.

The dark energy is not exactly zero but the first 122 decimal points are zero. That's crazy. That is really one of the craziest things we've ever discovered.

Einstein in the special theory of relativity proved that different observers in different states of motion see different realities.

Eventually when the universe expands enough all that will be left is the dark energy.

The word 'universe' is obviously not intended to have a plural but science has evolved in such a way that we need a plural noun for something similar to what we ordinarily call our universe.

Unforeseen surprises are the rule in science not the exception. Remember: Stuff happens.

[Richard Feynman] truly believed that if you couldn't explain something simply you didn't understand it.

I'm a great believer that scientists should spend as much time as possible explaining and you do explain in the process of teaching.

I was going to engineering school but fell in love with physics.

You have to say now that space is something. Space can vibrate space can fluctuate space can be quantum mechanical but what the devil is it?

We often say that the earth is a sphere but to be precise the term sphere refers only to the surface. The correct mathematical term for the solid earth is a ball.