Leo Kottke Quotes

With all these great (guitar teachers) around here don't cop their licks COP THEIR ATTITUDE.

The bulk of my set is instrumental and you have to give yourself and the audience some relief because a performance is not about great guitar playing it's really about entertainment.

It was almost two years after I left Capital that I put out the first one on Chrysalis and that was really instructive because it was no better in particular than any other record I'd done.

I will literally open my mouth not knowing what is coming out.

I was taking a nose dive somewhere between eleven and twelve because my sister had died and I was practicing something that siblings do which is follow in their footsteps and die as well.

I do have a library of events I can talk about and I always expect to find a different point of view on it so even if I talk about the same event in the same town it's fresh.

The first music I was exposed to was Stravinsky and I loved it but I don't remember it.

Musically I am still hooked and just hypnotized by the sound of the guitar itself. I mean a guitar sounds good if you drop it on the floor.

Yeah the first thing that comes to mind is not to try too hard.

When the audience is awful you can still have a great night and people will walk out thinking they had a great time even though there was loads of loudmouths and the sound was terrible.

I had been playing single note instruments and I wanted to hear a guitar played as a piano.

I am evidence that you don't have to sell a lot of records or succeed in the usual way to have a big audience and a job.

All bad jazz sounds like Woody Woodpecker.

The principle element in a performance is risk and if you're losing interest then by scaring yourself to death the audience will feel it and boy it'll wake them up.

It was a kind of paralysis you would get from tendonitis and I would last about five to ten minutes into the set and it would set in and I really couldn't play.

I have always thought of myself as a performer first and way down the line as a recording artist.

Yes and for two reasons: one I couldn't find anything to imitate at the time and secondly because what I heard on the radio didn't bear any resemblance to what I wanted to hear on the guitar.

I was two and a half and my folks would put it on the record player and I would run around the house screaming but I haven't been that hip since.

I would say that if you don't feel like talking to the crowd something is wrong and if you force yourself to talk to them things will happen and to that extent things aren't choreographed.