Laurie Halse Anderson Quotes

Apologies mean nothing if you don't mean it.

To keep up appearances I stomp my room and slam the door.

I watch the Eruptions. Mount Dad long dormant now considered armed and dangerous. Mount Saint Mom oozing lava spitting flame. Warn the villagers to run into the sea.

It made me strong.I took a step back near my whole self in the mirror.I pushed back my shoulders and raised my chin my back straight as an arrow.

This is wonderful wonderful! Be the bird. You are the bird. Sacrifice yourself to abandoned family values....

The feedback I get is that my books are honest. I don't sugar-coat anything. Life is really hard.

I breathe in slowly. Food is life. I exhale take another breath. Food is life.

There is no magic cure no making it all go away forever. There are only small steps upward; an easier day an unexpected laugh a mirror that doesn't matter anymore.

What do I want? The answer to that question does not exist.

I've dealt with depression my entire life on and off which makes me the perfect author for teenage readers.

I have entered high school with the wrong hair the wrong clothes the wrong attitude. And I don't have anyone to sit with.

I don't say anything and I feel awful. I tell somebody and I feel worse. I'm having trouble finding a middle ground.

I canâ??t tell anymore when Iâ??m asleep and when Iâ??m awake or which is worse.

IT happened. There is no avoiding it no forgetting. No running away or flying or burying or hiding.

There's no point in asking why even though everybody will. I know why. The harder question is "why not?" I can't believe she ran out of answers before I did.

Art without emotion its like chocolate cake without sugar. It makes you gag.

Did you read last nights assignments?" Say "yes'" and get hammered again. Say "no'" and the same thing would happen.

In one aspect yes I believe in ghosts but we create them. We haunt ourselves.

I wish adults would spend less energy freaking out about the cutting itself and work harder to understand what drives kids to self-harm.

Some adults would rather pretend that bad things dont exist than to talk about them.

be aggressive BE-BE Aggressive! B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E

I am learning how to be angry and sad and lonely and joyful and excited and afraid and happy.

It's easier to floss with barbed wire than admit you like someone in middle school.

If I ever form a clan we'll be the anti-cheerleaders and walk under the bleacher forming mild acts of mayhem.

You must walk alone to find your soul.

They say they have noticed me drawing. I almost tell them right then and there. They noticed.

I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything just to get rid of this these thoughts whispers in my mind. Did he rape my head too?

Iâ??m the girl who trips on the dance floor and canâ??t find her way to the exit. All eyes on me.

I reach for funny books all the time to help me get through life.

I need to finish this scarf/shawl/blanket thing so I can start something for Emma- a hat maybe or a sweater for her stuffed elephant.

I watch some kids ask the cafeteria ladies to sign their books. What do they write: "Hope your chicken patties never bleed?" Or maybe "May your Jell-O always wiggle?

I pushed my ragged mouth against the mirror. A thousand crushed bleeding lips pushed back at me...

I want to make a memorial for our turkey. Never has a bird been so tortured to provide such a lousy dinner.

I am an owl bird of the night. I see everything. I know everything.

My first class is biology. I can't find it and get my first demerit for wandering the hall. It is 8:50 in the morning. Only 699 days and 7 class periods until graduation.

She offered herself to the big bad wolf and didn't scream when he took the first bite.

The stars whirled above us and the firecrackers blazed. The moon stood watch as drops of blood fell careless seeds that sizzled in the snow.

It doesn't hurt. Nothing hurts except the small smiles and blushes that flash across the room like tiny sparrows.

Nicole can do anything that involves a ball and whistle.

Why not draw naked guys just to be fair? Naked women is art naked guys a no-no I bet. Probably because most painters are men.

The best time to talk to ghosts is just before the sun comes up.

It's bad timing but a lot of kids become teenagers just as their parents are hitting their mid-life crisis. So everybody's miserable and confused and seeking that new sense of identity.

I'm a big 'Star Trek' fan.

I have ten bucks in my pocket - what to spend it on? French fries - ten dollars' worth of french fries ultimate fantasy.

Cold and silence. Nothing quieter than snow. The sky screams to deliver it a hundred banshees flying on the edge of the blizzard. But once the snow covers the ground it hushes as still as my heart.

Rumors are spread by jealous people

I am a gluttonous gorging failure. A waste. My body isn't used to high-sugar carbs laced with witchcraft. It can barely cope with soup and crackers.

Hannah was about to burst with excitement which would have been disgusting because she would have sprayed blood guts and glitter in every direction.

Look at the stupid poor people. Look at the stupid poor burned-out people. Look at the stupid poor burned-out people look at their dead baby. It's death porn for the masses.

If I run or breathe too deep the cheap stitches holding me together will snap and all the stickiness inside will pour out and burn through the concrete.

I wish I had cancer. I will burn in hell for that but it's true.

For one moment we are not failed tests and broken condoms and cheating on essays; we are crayons and lunch boxes and swinging so high our sneakers punch holes in the clouds.

I won the wintergirl trip over the border into dangerland.

None of [the books are] worth reading. There are no fairy tales no faerie tails no sword-swinging princesses or lightning-throwing gods.

Each reader has to find her or his own message within a book.

Revision means throwing out the boring crap and making whatâ??s left sound natural.

Eating was hard. Breathing was hard. Living was hardest.

Can the plural possessive express the feelings in your heart? If you don't learn art now you will never learn to breathe!

A breath of steam trickles out filled with the sobs of a grown woman breaking into girl-sized pieces.

Gossip is the foul smell from the Devil's backside.

Nothing is perfect. Flaws are interesting. Be the tree.

I am super proud of being an American but we fail our veterans every day.

Bologna girl that's me.

Censorship is the child of fear and the father of ignorance.

I wish America would stop judging and criticizing teens and instead try to understand the battles they have to fight every day.

Can't escape pain kiddo. Battle through it and you get stronger.

The bathroom door swings open. Emma sees the blood painting my skin and the red rivers carved on my body. Emma sees the wet knife silver and bone. The screams of my little sister shatter mirrors.

Oppressive bastards think they own the place. I told them that karma's going to kick their asses....

They tied me back together but they didn't use double knots. My insides are draining out of the fault lines in my skin I can feel it but every time I check the bandages they're dry.

Be careful what you wish for. There's always a catch.

I would never be popular. I didn't want to be; I liked being shy. I'd never be the smartest or the hottest or the happiest. By eighth grade you start to figure out your limits.

The one good thing about being kind of shy is that nobody bugs you when you want to be left alone.

Why are you being so mean?""Friends tell friends the truth.""yeah but not to hurt to help.

Because I am still a little girl who believes in Santa and the tooth fairy and you.

My face becomes a Picasso sketch my body slicing into pieces.

Melancholy held me hostage and the bees built a hive of sadness in my soul.

Didn't help to ponder things that were forever gone. It only made a body restless and fill up with bees all wanting to sting something.

Cutting pain was a different flavor of hurt. It made it easier not to think about having my body and my family and my life stolen made it easier not to care... -Wintergirls

He doesn't see my breasts or my waist or my hips. He only sees the nightmare.

i decapitated dandelions all morning leaving carnage and death strewn into my path.

I like cheeseburgers too much to be a model.

This camp is a forge for the army; it's testing our mettle. Instead of heat and hammer our trials are cold and hunger. Question is what are we made of?

There is something about Christmas that requires a rug rat. Little kids make Christmas fun. I wonder if could rent one for the holidays.

I'm finally watching 'Mad Men.' As a child of the '60s I can't believe how old everything looks! I am the age of baby Eugene.

So she tells me the words dribbling out with the cranberry muffin crumbs commas dunked in her coffee.

Nothing good ever happens at lunch. The cafeteria is a giant sound stage where they film daily segments of Teenage Humiliation Rituals. And it smells gross.

I nod like Iâ??m listening like weâ??re communicating and she never knows the difference.

Used to be that my whole body was my canvas-hot cuts licking my ribs ladder rungs climbing my arms thick milkweed stalks shooting up my thighs....

I have survived. I am here. Confused screwed up but here. So how can I find my way? Is there a chain saw of the soul an ax I can take to my memories or fears?

Could he hear my heart pounding?

I could never hate you even if I wanted to.

I am angry that I starved my brain and that I sat shivering in my bed at night instead of dancing or reading poetry or eating ice cream or kissing a boy...

I cry to let everything out

School libraries are the foundations of our culture â?? not luxuries.

Sometimes being an adult means doing the right thing even if it's not what you want.

Youâ??re not dead but youâ??re not alive either. Youâ??re a wintergirl.

I am the space between my thighs daylight shining through.

I am locked into the mirror and there is no door out.

I doubt trees are ever told to 'be the screwed-up ninth-grader.'

The only number that would ever be enough is 0. Zero pounds zero life size zero double-zero zero point. Zero in tennis is love. I finally get it.

Do they choose to be so dense? Were they born that way? I have no friends. I have nothing. I say nothing. I am nothing.

She looks like a china doll observed Grandfather as we departed. I will break just as easily I muttered.

Death is funny when you think about it. Everybody does it but nobody knows how exactly how.

Don't expect to make a difference unless you speak up for yourself.

I was good at digging holes. It was the rest of life I sucked at.

Everybody told me to be a man. Nobody told me how.

I failed eating failed drinking failed not cutting myself into shreds. Failed friendship. Failed sisterhood and daughterhood. Failed mirrors and scales and phone calls. Good thing I'm stable.

I am getting better at smiling when people expect it.

When people don't express themselves they die one piece at a time.

Write about the emotions you fear the most.

Emma is a mattress who got thrown off the truck when her parents split up. It's not like you can blame a mattress when people don't tie it down tight enough.

I have never heard a more eloquent silence.

He says a million things without saying a word. I have never heard a more eloquent silence.

Having a friend made everything else suck less.

I understood what triggered her earthquakes most of them.

Mr. Freeman sighs. "No imagination. What are you thirteen? Fourteen? You've already let them beat your creativity out of you!

It's a shame we can't just admit that we failed family living sell the house split up the money and get on with our lives.

We swore sacred oaths to be strong and to save the planet and to be friends forever.

Life is for the living. Don't let the fear of striking out let you from keep you from playing the game.

I stuff my mouth with old fabric and scream until there are no sounds left under my skin.

Gym should be illegal. It's humiliating.

I'm the only one sitting alone under the glowing neon sign which reads "Complete and Total Loser Not Quite Sane. Stay Away. Do Not Feed.

I inscribe three lines hush hush hush into my skin. Ghosts trickle out.

I look at my homely sketch. It doesn't need anything. Even through the river in my eyes I can see that. It isn't perfect and that makes it just right.

I'm learning how to taste everything.

It was like looking at a knot knowing it was a knot but not knowing how to untie it. I had no map for this life.

Sometimes things just fall out of your head on the paper and if you're smart you learn not to touch them.

Sometimes I think high school is one long hazy activity: if you are tough enough to survive this they'll let you become an adult. I hope it's worth it.

Who wants to recover? It took me years to get that tiny. I wasn't sick; I was strong.

If I can write a book that will help the world make a little more sense to a teen then that's why I was put on the planet.

I knew how much it hurt to be the daughter of people who can't see you not even if you are standing in front of them stomping your feet.

When life sucks read. They can't yell at you for that. And if they do then you can ignore them.

Do I want to die from the inside out or the outside in?

I want to go to sleep and not wake up but I donâ??t want to die.

I smile and play pretend through the Morning Show in the kitchen.

I am not going to think about it. It was ugly but itâ??s over and Iâ??m not going to think about it.

You have to know what you stand for not just what you stand against.

Kids are mostly very resilient.

I needed to hear the world but didn't want the world to know I was listening.

We turned us into wintergirls and when she tried to leave I pulled her back into the snow because I was afraid to be alone.

I pull my lower lip all the way in between my teeth. If I try hard enough maybe I can gobble my whole self this way.... I didn't try hard enough to swallow myself.

I make it through the first two weeks of school without a nuclear meltdown.

Picasso.â? He whispers like a priest. â??Picasso. Who saw the truth. Who painted the truth molded it ripped from the earth with two angry hands.

They mean hot like 'I'm too good for you I got my own money don't be frontin' me.' You're more like 'Be my boyfriend I'll make you cookies come meet my dad ' know what I mean

I am beginning to measure myself in strength not pounds. Sometimes in smiles.

I wonder how long it would take for anyone to notice if I just stopped talking.

It is my first morning of high school. I have seven new notebooks a skirt I hate and a stomachache.

I wanted to pull down a book open it proper and gobble up page after page

Picasso." He whispers like a priest. "Picasso. Who saw the truth. Who painted the truth moulded it ripped from the earth with two angry hands.

Too much sun after a Syracuse winter does strange things to your head makes you feel strong even if you aren't.

She cannot chain my soul. Yes she could hurt me. She'd already done so...I would bleed or not. Scar or not. Live or not. But she could not hurt my soul not unless I gave it to her.

A scar is a sign of strength. . .the sign of a survivor.

No I am never setting foot in this house again it scares me and makes me sad and I wish you could be a mom whose eyes worked but I don't think you can.

There is no safer. Thereâ??s not even safe never has been.

There is nothing wrong with me. These are really sick people sick that you can see.

The stuffing/puking/stuffing/puking/stuffing/puking didn't make her skinny it made her cry.

I can see us living in the woods her wearing that A me with a S maybe S for silent S for stupid for scared. S for silly. For shame.

They yell at me because I can't see what they see. Nobody can explain to me why my eyes work different than theirs.