Katherine Hannigan Quotes

Apologizing is like spring cleaning.

It will be alright.

And all the best words together couldn't hold the happiness.

I believe good plans are the best way to maximize fun avoid disaster and possibly save the world. I spend a lot of my time making them.

...when your heart changes you change and you have to make new plans.

I know it's hard to not do well at something and I know it's hard to need help.

I closed my eyes took a deep breath and filled myself up with the breeze from the valley. Then I let it out slow so it could get back to its travels with a little bit of me added to it.

There is never enough time for fun.

...sadness is a powerful foe maybe harder to keep down than happiness...

...if a child waited to speak until all the grown-ups settled down and gave her some room to say her piece the most important things would never get said.

I was saying the right things but not the really true things.

I just loved making words into stories by the sound of my voice.

In the morning I'm like a snake in the spring: I need to lie out on a warm rock and let the sun sink into me before I can start wiggling around and get on with the day.