Katharine Weymouth Quotes

Women are often meeker in meetings and afraid to ask for raises and promotions. I've told countless female colleagues to stop apologizing when they ask for more. It's not personal it's business.

People assume that I came back to Washington because of the Post but the truth is less romantic. I came back for a job.

I certainly hope to be a great publisher and if people want to love me too that's even better.

I think I felt like a regular kid. Growing up in New York I never felt I was a big deal.

I dont feel like my job is to be beloved.

Part of my job is to make the tough calls.

I dont personally feel that I have to save democracy and journalism.

I care deeply about journalism but we need to be a business

My grandmother knew J.F.K. and L.B.J. That was her world. I enjoy meeting interesting people. But that's not my world.

We're no longer a newspaper in the morning we're a 24/7 newspaper organization.