K.P. Yohannan Quotes

Maybe it doesn't seem like anyone ever watches or appreciates you. Maybe no one on earth understands you. But your King is always watching you. Do it all for Him.

Missions is not applied anthropology comparative religion or sociology. It is storming the gates of hell. It is a power confrontation-h and-to-hand combat with Satan and his demons.

It is a lifelong choice to deliberately and habitually bring ourselves under Godâ??s authority.

Many of the crisis problems which are considered disasters in the United States would only be normal everyday living conditions in most of Asia.

Prayer need not be an activity we engage in for only an hour each morning. Rather let us live in the atmosphere of prayer our hearts continually being lifted up in prayer to Him.

Lifting your eyes from the things of this world is an activity that must begin WHERE YOU ARE.

Every truth in this world stretched beyond its limits will become a false doctrine.

The single most important hindrance to world evangelization right now is the lack of total involvement by the body of Christ.

If you want to meet the needs of the poor in this world there is no better place to start than by preaching the Gospel.

The secret of following God's will is wrapped in rejecting the good for God's best.

Every Christian in America has some minimal responsibility to get involved in helping the poor brethren in the church in other countries.

Neglecting to bathe the ministry in prayer leaves us just workers not worshipers. When we unite in prayer there is incredible power.

Faith deals exclusively with believing God and His Word.

I believe the enemy has numerous tactics to keep us from praying because he knows that it is the greatest way for the kingdom of God to expand.

Love was the bedrock of Jesus' life the very reason He came to seek and save the lost.

Is this really the church of Christ or are we just calling it the church because of our traditions and history?

The spirit of submission is choosing His way over ours for His sake.

As long as Christian life remains our life we will not understand the Christ of the New Testament. You are not your own.

Since when has obedience to Christ and His Gospel become optional to Christianity?

All too often it seems we're willing to be students of Christianity rather than disciples of Christ.

Yet so often it seems that victory eludes us. It is when our self-confidence is finally destroyed and is replaced with dependence upon God that we have victory.

Part of the sin of Pride is a subtle but deep racism.

We must pay a price to touch godliness through daily decision to die to self and embrace the cross.

When our service for the Lord becomes so busy that we forget the Lord Himself it is time to stop everything and seek Him.

To obey the Lord unseenâ??in secretâ??is the foundation of genuine godly service.

The most unhappy people in the world are the ones who live only for themselves.

Why do we insist on building the largest and most impressive structures in our city when people on the other side of town are hungry jobless and worshipping in storefronts?

Walk away from your own preoccupations . . . and see the perishing multitudes.

How many more cars clothes toys and trinkets do we really need before we wake up and realize that half the world goes to bed every night with empty stomachs and naked bodies?

In order to plant the Gospel we must take risk.