Justin Baldoni Quotes

Sam was helping animals long before he was Sam Simon. He lived what he believed; his thing was making the world better and having rights for animals and every area of his life reflected that.

I would say anything is possible on 'Jane the Virgin.'

Behind every great man is his wife trying to keep him alive.

I had a very quick moment on 'Happy Endings.'

When I can see things through the lens of the director it's like being able to see the whole puzzle - it's not just about my role but the whole script.

I'm still ambiguously ethnic. I could be Persian - I could be anything. But I'm Italian and Jewish so I'm a citizen of the world; that's what I prefer.

I have a production company where we create socially conscious media and content.

You're never safe in 'Jane the Virgin;' that's what I'll say. You're never safe on a telenovela that's for darn sure and you're never safe on 'Jane the Virgin.'

People grow; people grow apart and cancer... I've had a very in-depth and personal experience with cancer and it really causes a perspective shift.

My little secret before I do every scene is I say a short little prayer.