Jud Wilhite Quotes

We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. So when we are in the mess remember Jesus made it right. We got to hang on to that by faith.

Torn' is hopeful. It's a book that meets you in your pain and shows you how to move forward with life and in your walk with God.

We normally know Jesus as a humble loving servant which He is. But Revelations gives us the bigger picture of who Jesus is in His glory.

The Bible doesn't sugarcoat pain and suffering; it gives you something to move past it.

The story of Hosea and Gomer is the second most powerful picture of God's love in the Bible. Other than Christ's death there is no greater picture of love.

If we have to sum up the Book of Revelation in one phrase it would be 'Jesus wins.'

If you don't believe God has forgiven you you are actually saying that God needs to do more for your forgiveness and that Jesus' sacrifice was not enough.

Love the calling you have not the one you wish you had.

Kyle Idleman's Not a Fan is a crucial message for our time. It's a powerful call to commitment and to following Jesus with all our hearts that has challenged me in the best of ways!

Ministry is messy because sin is messy. Get over it get a mop and start helping people clean up!

Freedom from Egypt should have meant freedom from idols for Israel.

When God takes your straw it isn't because he wants you to remain a slave. It's because he wants you to take another step toward freedom.