Joseph Boyden Quotes

Compared to Americans Canadians are often more gentle in their approach to things. They're much more apologetic. There's less room for conflict.

As a fiction writer of course you need to take some leeway with certain aspects of history to make the story work.

Canada and America are very very different. It's true that we share a language and many customs. But Americans have a very different view of the world.

The beliefs of Native people are no less powerful or important just because they focus on a different "form of magic.

I'm intrigued by the classic Greek tragedies as well as by the idea of the Greek chorus.

People will say that Canada unlike America was not birthed from violence. But I want to say "What are you talking about?" It's just not true.

There's something sexy in cooking for a man who likes my food. Am I growing up?

From a craft standpoint telling a story in the first-person present tense over the course of 500 pages is a daunting challenge.

I'm fascinated by the magic realism used by many writers. I think it goes hand-in-hand with the Indian experience. It's a very different way of viewing the world.

America seems to celebrate its more violent past but Canada doesn't like to recognize those things. The willingness to accept the existence of violence separates our two countries.

In school it got so that Elijah learned to talk his way out of anything gave great long speeches so that his words snaked themselves like vines around the nuns until they could no longer move [].

We all fight on two fronts the one facing the enemy the one facing what we do to the enemy.

The history needs to serve the story not the story the history. But at the same time you can't stray too far.

I never want to play down to the reader. I think readers are willing to go along if they're intrigued.

Sometimes it's not getting what we want that offers us the most important Lessons

We aren't the masters of the earth. We're the servants.