John Simm Quotes

I spent most of my youth in Manchester in clubs and football grounds and the Manchester Apollo.

Critics should be to actors what ornithologists are to birds: they can write all they want but it shouldn't affect them.

Life is easy greediness adds complexity

I'm good at being on my own. As a kid I was always in my room alone so I have a high threshold for it. If I'm bored I'll read. Hanging around doesn't go well with me.

I'm incredibly proud of 'Life On Mars' and 'Doctor Who.' They're just a blast to do.

You never undertake a project because you think other people will like it - because that way lies madness - but rather because you believe in it.

When I got to 40 I was happy. Now I can wear what I like listen to what I like don't have to try and be cool. I'm someone's dad and it doesn't matter any more. That's an enormous freedom.

I used to be mouthy. It was all to do with being a northerner and from Manchester which was suddenly a big deal when I was in my 20s. When I read some of the interviews I did back then I cringe.

Twitter has restored my faith in humanity. I thought I'd hate it but while there are lots of knobheads there are even more lovely people. It delights me how witty and friendly most people are.

It's horrible to get a cameraphone shoved in your face every time you walk out the door.

Success however you judge what that even means brings with it certain pressures.

I'm not a people person. I'm not sociable. I have been and I can be but not as a general rule.