John Lithgow Quotes

Academics tend to have wonderfully infantile senses of humor.

I consider myself a very lucky actor that approaching 60 I'm still employed and employable.

It's my theory that if you hear enough applause and laughter at a young enough age you're doomed

Anyone who hears enough laughter and applause at a young age will become an actor whether they intend to or not.

In animation there's this exhilarating moment of discovery when you see the film and you say Oh THAT'S what I was doing.

It's nice when you've done enough movies that you can do your own anthology.

I look for every opportunity to mix comedy and horror and tragedy. I love catching audiences off-guard.

Up there with my awards I have a great big statue of Groucho Marx just to put everything in perspective.

I'm always being asked to play roles or characters that I don't really resemble.

What you aspire to on a sitcom is the feeling of live comedy.

I was married very young. I lived a very middle class life. I was married at age 21 divorced at 31. I didn't sleep on people's couches.

If my life was a play age 35 was my intermission.

I gave up shame a long time ago.

I don't hesitate to do nudity as an actor if it's done well.

There's nothing like spending an evening with an audience every night.

I'm very concerned for the future of the earth and its amazing creatures. We've got to be careful and make sure we don't foul our own nest.

It's a very tough time for the playwright. Broadway has become almost a musical comedy theme park with all these long-running shows.

I was in 20 Shakespearean plays by the time I was 20.

Time sneaks up on you like a windshield on a bug.

Shakespeare is like mother's milk to me.

I really prize and love great painting. It's so out of date now. It's slightly come back in.

Take care be kind be considerate of other people and other species and be loving.

I was very interested in being a painter. I had facility I had talent and I loved painting and printmaking and I was quite serious about it.

The Broadway audience is made up of a greater percentage of tourists now. There's not nearly as much variety and danger and challenge in what's being offered.

I went to Princeton High School when I was very serious about being an artist. I was in a theatre family but I didn't want to become an actor.

Look at the darkest hit musicals - Cabaret West Side Story Carousel - they are exuberant experiences. They send you out of the theater filled with music

I went to Harvard and immediately fell into the theater gang and I was already an experienced actor so you go with the flow! I've already used the phrase "campus star.

I never get tired of hearing compliments.

I'm a con artist in that I'm an actor. I make people believe something is real when they know perfectly well it isn't.

You kill three people they call you a murderer. You kill a million people they call you a conqueror. Go figure.

We should have charity for what the dead say. We may disapprove of what they say but we should not insult them and revile them knowing they cannot not defend themselves.

That's how you deal with stardom; you make it the least important part of your life.

I can't imagine doing an hour-long dramatic series because it's so much work. A sitcom is a wonderful gig. You work from 10 to 4 every day it's fun and you get to live at home.

I keep looking for things I haven't done yet.

Everybody's a dreamer.

I'm a fun father but not a good father. The hard decisions always went to my wife.

If it's well written and well directed and you've got good actors to work with acting is easy. But making sure all the ducks are in a row is the hard part. It's very rare

The most exciting acting tends to happen in roles you never thought you could play.

For me working on stage is much more exhausting than all the other mediums but it's also much more thrilling.

I have a lot of faith in people.

If you read in front of your kids it's very likely that they'll become readers too

Books make great gifts because they're something you love that you can share.

I got a wonderful college education. I went to Harvard. In those four years I accumulated a lot of knowledge but I also created a kind of habit of learning that has stayed with me my whole life.

My only regret is that we didn't have more kids. I came from a family of four kids but my wife and I just started too late.

Instead of being a theater actor who sometimes does movies I became a movie actor who sometimes does theater.

I certainly had my years as an out of work actor but I was married with a baby. My wife was supporting us.

I find I have to walk a little faster in public these days but it's very easy to remember when nobody had any idea who I was.

I learned the most about myself and you ask what I learned? Well I learned my strengths and my weaknesses and it's far more important to learn about your weaknesses than your strengths.

You have to overcome enormous self-consciousness but nudity is about the strongest thing you can do in an acting performance. It's the most unsettling or the most comic or the most sexual.

When you end a successful sitcom the most sensible thing to do is go back to the theater.

I'd sleep under a Vermeer.