John Arbuthnot Quotes

Never contradict. Never explain. Never apologize. (Those are the secrets of a happy life!)

Truth can never be an enemy to true religion which appears always to the best advantage when it is most examined.

Mathematical studies may serve for a pleasant entertainment for those hours which young men are apt to throw away upon their vices.

What I have said may serve to recommend mathematics for acquiring a vigorous constitution of mind; for which purpose they are as useful as exercise is for procuring health and strength to the body.

Mathematical Knowledge adds a manly Vigour to the Mind frees it from Prejudice Credulity and Superstition.

Almighty Power by whose most wise command helpless forlorn uncertain here I stand take this faint glimmer of thyself away or break into my soul with perfect day!

The first Care in building of Cities is to make them airy and well perflated; infectious Distempers must necessarily be propagated amongst Mankind living close together.

To bliss unknown by lofty soul aspires My lot unequal to my vast desires.

Biography is one of the new terrors of death.

Law is a Bottomless-Pit it is a Cormorant a Harpy that devours every thing.

Law is a bottomless pit.

He that sows his grain upon marble will have many a hungry belly before his harvest.

He warns the heads of parties against believing their own lies.

Truth is the same thing to the understanding as Music to the ear and Beauty to the eye.

The mathematics are the friends of religion inasmuch as they charm the passions restrain the impetuosity of the imagination and purge the mind of error and prejudice.

John looked ruddy and plump with a pair of cheeks like a trumpeter.

O truth divine! enlightened by thy ray I grope and guess no more but see my way.

Unjust force can never give any just dominion.

All political parties die at last of swallowing their own lies.