Jodie Foster Quotes

I love more than anything looking at a movie scene by scene and seeing the intention behind it. It allows you to really appreciate the hand of the filmmaker.

I saw leaving college as an opportunity to do something different with my life. I always thought that becoming an academic was going to be my path.

Now apparently Im told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life with a press conference a fragrance and a prime-time reality show.

What do I do to live? What do I do to be vital? The answer is always creativity; the answer is always art.

Part of me longs to do a job where there's not a gray area.

Well I certainly was exposed to and learned to appreciate the work of great directors early on. As a kid my mother used to take me to see really interesting arty films in Los Angeles.

I think Anna and the King is a look at Asia from the Asian perspective reflecting the Asian experience which is very rare.

Cruelty might be very human and very cultural but it is not acceptable and it is not an option.

There is no direct evidence so how could you ask me to believe in God...

Cruelty might be very human and it might be cultural but it's not acceptable.

People are always surprised when I say that I'm an atheist.

Normal is not something to aspire to it's something to get away from.

My definition of a friend is somebody who adores you even though they know the things you're most ashamed of.

I've worked with Neil Jordan who I really adore. We did The Brave One [2007] together.

I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago in the stone age

I spent a lot of time not in school so I didn't have deep relationships with kids my own age.

People say as a woman actor your career is over at 40. But then they told me I would never work again after I was 16.

I don't know if I see myself as really an action hero but I like doing physical movies and I like doing movies where the writing is very lean.

There's absolutely no sort of acknowledgment or reward for this - except for the intangible of my kids growing up to be wonderful people.

I don't know why people think child actresses in particular are screwed up. I see kids everywhere who are totally bored. I've never been bored a day in my life.

Adolescence is a tough one to be a child actor.

It's an interesting combination: Having a great fear of being alone and having a desperate need for solitude and the solitary experience. That's always been a tug of war for me.

I do almost all my movies in French. I dub them.

I didn't have any ambition to produce big mainstream popcorn movies.

I love the way L A. leaves you alone. I can go home read all day and nobody bugs me.

All the movies that I make in some ways have to be the story of my life. There are different chapters in my life.

Love and respect are the most important aspects of parenting and of all relationships.

I guess I've played a lot of victims but that's what a lot of the history of women is about.

You guys might be surprised but I am not Honey Boo Boo Child.

In the end winning is sleeping better.

The best reason to make a film is that you feel passionately about it.

'Taxi Driver' was the best thing that ever happened to me and I didn't become a weirdo and squawk like a chicken.

Otherness is a big thing for me. I'm always drawn to characters that live lives that I couldn't lead.

a woman who struggles to recover from a brutal attack and sets out on a dark psychological and physical journey for revenge and justice.

I made like five movies while I was in college. I think they just weren't memorable movies. I've taken breaks as the years have gone on - I burn out every once in a while.

There is no doubt that each of us is born an individual. Why is it then that so many of us die carbon copies?

I've got that Irish thing going on. Lots of Irish in my background.

Going back and forth between the press and something like The Crucible must be really crazy and intense.

I will always love psychology and the basis of psychology is family.

I make dark dramas movies about people living in desperate fear who then overcome that fear and find a heroic side to themselves.

Privacy. Someday in the future people will look back and remember how beautiful it once was.

The world is littered with movies about people that are depressed that either did not come out or are not successful.

Being an artist is a way of saying I am here and this is what I stand for.

I think there is something to being curious about your choices but not wanting to kind of pierce the bubble of them because it takes away from the act of discovering.

I absolutely love religions and the rituals. Even though I don't believe in God we celebrate pretty much every religion in our family with the kids.

I'm not interested in being perfect when im older. Im interested in having a narrative. It's the narrative that's really the most beautiful thing about women.

I love more than anything looking at a movie scene by scene and seeing the intention behind it.

But now I really don't want to work unless I really really care about a project.

Casting is a long process for me. I take a lot of time.

I prefer to commit 100 per cent to a movie and make fewer films because it takes over your life.

Every movie changes you. The process of making a film changes you.

I think every movie changes me and is life changing especially movies you direct.

It's very important to distinguish between chemical depression that requires medication and talk therapy.

I was a literature major in college and that was my thing books.

I did a couple of plays in junior high school maybe high school and then I did a play in college.

Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock do romantic comedies. I do dark dramas. I do these movies well.

It's a tough trick to be able to create an intelligent movie that has socio-political commentary and also has the emotional and moving stuff at the same time.

My earliest memories are doing commercials and TV.

I was never the ingenue or the pretty girlfriend of Tom Cruise in a movie. I didn't have that career so I don't have to compete on that level.

I think an artist's responsibility is more complex than people realize.

There are conscious reasons and unconscious reasons why I pick something. You know I have to be moved by the story and usually that means it has to touch me in some kind of personal place.

What I didn't realize is how completely consumed I would be by my sons. I didn't know that the rest of my life would become so little a priority.

But the reason I became why I wanted to be in the business was because there was Midnight Cowboy.

I'd always need a creative outlet. But sometimes I do fantasize what my life would be like if I weren't famous.

I cannot believe in God when there is no scientific evidence for the existence of a supreme being and creator.

I don't need to be Tom Cruise. I just need to work forever.

My mom was always late. It drove me crazy as a child. So I'm always on time - or early.

I wish people could get over the hang-up of subtitles although at the same time you know that's kind of why I'm kind of pro dubbing.

I've only been to Dublin once and I had a great time. I got completely soaked because it was rainy.

I'm really not a clothes person. To me that's just work. It's the thing I hate to do the most. I don't want to be judged in that way.

I think I'm drawn to films more as a director with a directorial mind even as an actor. I make movies to make the films not to act.

I fantasize about having a manual job where I can come home at night read a book and not feel responsible for what will happen the next day.

I like dramas. I've always liked dramas. And I'm a pretty light person. I don't consider myself a very dramatic person. But I do like doing that onscreen.

I'd like to be Dakota Fanning when I get young.

I like to be in a different place when I make a movie so that I can't really focus on anything else and that is your world.

I had a certain career as an actor that I think was quite personal as well and had a lot of integrity but I wasn't writing my own things or directing my own movies.

I don't find acting and directing schizophrenic in any way. I find it completely easy to move between the two.

I'm interested in directing movies about situations that I've lived so they are almost a personal essay about what I've come to believe in.

So yes there's nothing I love more than listening to directors talk about their movies.

Most actors don't really have a director's sensibility. They have an actor's sensibility.

I wish that I spoke more languages. I speak a couple languages but not well enough to really dub myself. French is really the only one and it's a difficult thing.

I think 'destiny' is just a fancy word for a psychological pattern.

It's hard to get personal films off the ground and it's hard developing them.

With 'Taxi Driver ' I had this eureka moment. I realized that acting could be much more than what I had been doing. I had to build a character that wasn't me.

I love European movies and I kind of grew up on European films.

Being understood is not the most essential thing in life.

I had to take my makeup off at work every night. I wasn't allowed to do it at home because my mom said that when your work day is done you're done with work.

'Silence Of The Lambs' was not something people expected me to do.

Acting for me is exhausting. I'm always more energized by directing. It's more intense to direct. I can pop in and express myself then pop out again. It's a huge passion for me.

As an actor I'm always playing solitary characters. But as a director I'm always making ensemble movies which focus on lots of people's lives and how they intertwine.

Acting just happens to be my skill but I think I would probably be just as happy being a technician or entering into the film business in some other way.

I make movies about people in spiritual crisis because it's a way for me to spend the time the energy the focus and the obsession to come to terms with my own spiritual crisis.

My kids are young and my life with them is really stimulating and really full and significant.

I want to change the system from within the system. And that means focusing and specializing.

I want to be inspiring to myself to my kids my family and my friends.

I don't like the outside world to intrude when I'm making a film. I like to either see my family or work but I don't like to go out.

You hold all of our futures in your hands. So you better make it good.

There are lots of futurists that spend their whole life trying to figure out who we're going to be in 40 50 60 100 years. That's the great thing about science fiction.

I'm kind of a chatterbox and I talk really fast.

By the first week of shooting you know exactly where your film is heading based on the psychology of your director.

If I fail at least I will have failed my way.

Every movie that I've had to really knock down the door for has been an enormous success for me. Not just like a financial success but a real personal success.

I am the luckiest filmmaker I know.

I didn't grow up really wanting to be an actor. I don't remember ever not being an actor.

When I go into the stores I pet the saddles. Until security comes and takes me away.

It's very hard for me to get a new car. It's really hard for me to get a new house. It's really hard for me to move on from the things that give me stability.

As time goes on I will play characters who get older: I don't want to be some Botoxed weirdo.

Let how you live your life stand for something no matter how small and incidental it may seem.

Knowing what paint a painter uses or having an understanding of where he was in the history of where he came from doesn't hurt your appreciation of the painting.

Sometimes you really don't understand why something is important to you until you get halfway through the movie - or maybe even all the way through.

Caitriona Balfe who is Irish is also in my movie. I asked her to play her Irish accent in the movie but her own brogue is so faint that I had to keep pumping it up.

Just to set the record straight a salary for a given on-screen performance does not include the right to invade anyone's privacy to destroy someone's sense of self.

I like to nap. I do like to sleep. Sometimes I sleep in between takes.

I didn't work very much when they were young and I had the luxury to be able to do that. Most people can't.

I'm a technician. I don't go for the get-into-the-role stuff. I read the lines and play the scenes.

I've always had this idea that I wanted movies to make people better not worse.

I suppose that's my one little secret the secret of my success.

I have in some ways saved characters that have been marginalized by society by playing them - and having them still have dignity and still survive still get through it.

Where I have problems is when I am in the midst of doing something that I am completely focused on and then I am asked to buy shoes or something.

Ninety-five percent of women's experiences are about being a victim. Or about being an underdog or having to survive... women didn't go to Vietnam and blow things up. They are not Rambo.

There is nothing in this world that I am prouder of than my ability to feel to survive and yes to be a fool for what I love and believe in.

I don't see anyone walking around with a puppet on his hand in real life. Puppet therapy is very common for children. It's not something that adults take on.

It's a skill that people are born with. Either you're a focuser or you're a multitasky person. I am a full-focus person.

I also feel like I've learned over the years what is not important and that is also great: to know what is pointless to spend your energy on to be more specific.

I don't think there is anything good about fame. 'Tables in restaurants.' People say that but then again why don't you just call the day before? Or go eat somewhere else?

Everybody reads for me. I was never weird about that. I never minded coming in and reading. They should know if I'm the right person and I should know if I want to do a movie.

We think "If I have more money I am more valuable. If I make more money I am more valuable." It's all sort of wound up with this problem that humans have with their failure.