Joan Severance Quotes

I don't think I'd want to sit down and listen to people's stories all day long.

I was watching something the other day which started out with five guys walking towards you and one woman and there you go-it's still being dominated by the male society.

You can take charge kick ass do whatever you have to do and it's okay. You can blow people up. These are things that are okay for cartoon characters to do.

Every part I've done has been for one reason or another-money or the part or the director or the location. I'd like to get one thing that's all of those combined.

I did commercials since I was 16 and that's kind of acting depending on what you're selling.

I definitely feel when I'm wearing the costume that I could scare people and hurt them.

When you're dead weight in the right position you win. And in reality you wouldn't see someone my size kicking seven martial arts experts and winning.

I hope they make a show like M*A*S*H which dealt with a lot of difficult subject matter but was very funny.

I want good and different parts different from what I've done.

I now have a plan - I haven't had a plan up until this year.