Joan Cusack Quotes

Can they do both? That's a huge balance I think with kids- trying to find the right- it's everything you know it's social life it's academics it's sports.

It's important to being a healthy person. So while you're here on the earth you might as well enjoy it. And it's hard to enjoy things when you're crazy.

My mum is very political - left wing - and my dad was in the advertising business. They were both from the East Coast: Boston and New York City respectively.

In L.A. it's easy to get caught up in what you look like or how much money you have and those aren't values I want my kids to adopt.

You know I loved math. My mom was a math teacher.

I was never the 'babe ' so I knew I'd never get those big roles. I'd always be the best friend or the quirky sidekick.

I think that everything's hard now anyways so you might as well do stuff that you love and believe in.

I think America has a bad rap right now... and hopefully Obama will change that.

I think acting has helped me come out of my shell because when I play a character I can't be self-conscious.

Skating is big in Chicago. There's a lot of hockey; a lot of the boys play hockey. And figure skating is big.

We need comedies in the world! We need to laugh it's all so hard.

Maybe I'm more drawn to those kind of parts because they are meaningful to me. I mean more parent-y ones I find them interesting to do.

It's incredibly incredibly difficult to get a movie made.

My dad was a very funny man - he's the one who taught me life would be awfully hard without humor! I'm sure his Irish wit in some way influenced my decision to become an actress.

I mean the country was founded on free enterprise. There's good things about it and there's obviously bad things about it.

I play- it's kind of like a slice-of-life LA women in their forties playing forty kind of what's their friendship like and what's their life like and so I just play one of the four friends.

I think it's fun to have work that you can relate to that you can feel like is meaningful.

It was fun; you know at this point in my life it's like I want to do stuff that's meaningful.

I think just because life is hard it does seem fun to have a break and laugh about things so I think in the end my instincts go there.

A lot of women get out of the business because it's so not family-friendly. And so women that could be in there making good women-roles don't do it 'cause they're smart and get out.

I want my kids to experience passion. I want them to see that I have things I feel passionate about because it is such a great feeling to really love something.

A relationship is hard in and of itself. And having kids is really hard work but I think it's really meaningful as is a relationship. But they all take work.

I mean that I think I find the psychology of people more interesting than politics. I think the psychology of politics is more interesting than straight politics.

I think there's a million talented people out there it's just a matter of luck a lot of the time.

Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn't make me Madonna. Never will.

Don't live vicariously through your kids or try to shape them into who you wanted to be like the popular kid or an athlete. Children should be given the opportunity to be themselves.