Jimmy Webb Quotes

I rode all around Hollywood listening to Donna Summer looking out the window - all by myself - just going 'I'm number one!' It's a pretty extraordinary feeling.

The creative processes are so mysterious.

You reach a certain point in your life where they things you do and say do make a difference.

I think it's prima facie evidence for the existence of God because for me to grow up and actually end up working with Glen Campbell is almost unbelievable.

I like words. I like the way they clash around together and bang up against each other especially in songs.

In the end all that matters is climbing and pushing your personal limits. No matter the grade if you climb something that was hard for you then that's sick.

Someone left the cake out in the rain

America's criminal justice system has deteriorated to the point that it is a national disgrace.

Songwriting is Hell on Earth. If it isn't then you're doing it wrong.

Particularly in my early days I did very little rewriting.

As I've grown - dare I say it - older I had hopes of indulging my dreams of being a sailor.

We as songwriters are in the same position as a professional fisherman. Our fishing grounds are kind of fished out.

What has worked before is never as good as something that has never been tried before even if it doesn't work.

When we go somewhere in New York I'm known as Mr. Savini.

I believe strongly in inspiration inspiration literally meaning 'full of the spirit.' I do believe that it comes to you.

When I started out I was absolutely awful I had no voice I didn't have a lot of stage presence and most of the interpretive intensity that I brought to the experience was actually terror.

The people who are making money are the ones who are writing and singing their own songs.

I usually know what kind of song I'm after. I know what I'm trying to do when I start. I don't always get there. But I try to visualize what it's actually going to be.