Jim Cummings Quotes

I argue with myself get mad at myself throw myself around the room and then apologize to myself.

I have some calls out to Tom Cruise Brad Pitt and Eddie Murphy. I said 'I won't star in any blockbuster films if you stay out of animated films.' They just won't call me back.

I grew up watching all the great Disney animated films and to be able to carry that torch and know that I'm contributing to the same magic and wonder for a whole new generation is a great thing.

I really have been blessed and fortunate to have accomplished what I have. I hope to do this for a long time. It's such an enjoyable job. I love to do it.

By the time 'Dumbo's Circus' wrapped production of its 120 episodes I had an agent and I had scored my first feature film gig.

Everybody can identify with somebody in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Darkwing Duck and Don Karnage are the most fun to do because they're both probably the closest to me - I kinda improvise a lot of them kinda ad lib.

Don Karnage-he's one of my all-time favorites. He's so brash and so bold and so arrogant-and he just doesn't know what he's doing.

I remember as a kid watching TV and seeing Mel Blanc doing his voices and Paul Winchell doing his ventriloquism and thinking 'Those guys are having a good time. I want to do that.'

John Fiedler's voice was kind of like the wind blowing through tall grass. It sounded homey and it sounded comforting.

Mr. Bumpy from Bump in the Night was this funky little guy who lived under the bed and thought eating dust bunnies was a delicacy. He was as cool as he could be and ate dirty socks.

I'm usually the guy who says 'Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington in the Siege'!

Sometimes I'll have a brief window of mini-fame thanks to 'Access Hollywood.' But it only lasts a couple of days and then no one recognizes me anymore.

I do all the better bears.

I think [Winnie the Pooh] just looks at the world through honey-colored glasses and everything is honey-fied and sweet for him and that's not a bad outlook.

Bonkers is kind of a combination of Jerry Lewis and Harpo Marx which is very strange because Harpo never spoke!

I loved Ray from 'The Princess and the Frog.' He was my guy. There was no Ray before me so there's a level of satisfaction there.

A lot of times people will say 'Well gosh you're really good; you should try acting!' And I say 'Come on! I'm thesping my little guts out over here.'

I get to be one of the torch-bearers for a new generation.

Sometimes at drive-thrus I go into Winnie the Pooh and ask for a jar of honey.

I can picture the character in my head and the voice just comes out.

It was cool to have Mark [Hamill] ask me to do all these voices for him like he was a fan. I was like "You're not meeting me I'm meeting you.