Jerry A. Coyne Quotes

Can a geology teacher blithely tell his students that the earth is flat or a European history professor that the Holocaust didn't happen? That's not academic freedom but dereliction of duty.

We humans have many vestigial features proving that we evolved. The most famous is the appendix.

A well-understood and testable hypothesis like sexual selection surely trumps an untestable appeal to the inscrutable caprices of a creator.

Faith is a padlock of the mind and few keys can open it.

Come on readers give me one example of a question that religion has answered to everyone's satisfaction one example of a "truth" found in religion's quest for truth.

Why exactly are scientists supposed to accord "respect" to a bunch of ancient fables that are not only ludicrous on their face but motivate so much opposition to science?

The battle for evolution seems never-ending. And the battle is part of a wider war a war between rationality and superstition.

Religion is based on dogma and belief whereas science is based on doubt and questioning.

Some believers are fundamentalists about everything but every believer is a fundamentalist about something.

Evolution tells us where we came from not where we can go.

All scientific progress requires a climate of strong skepticism.

If the history of science teaches us anything it is that what conquers our ignorance is research not giving up and attributing our ignorance to the miraculous work of a creator.

There is no horror no amount of evil in the world that a true believer can't rationalize as consistent with a loving God. It's the ultimate way of fooling yourself.

We now have many of the answers that once eluded Darwin thanks to two developments that he could not have imagined: continental drift and molecular taxonomy.

Now science cannot completely exclude the possibility of supernatural explanation. It is possible - though very unlikely - that our whole world is controlled by elves.

You can find religions without creationism but you never find creationism without religion.

We don't have faith in reason; we use reason because unlike revelation it produces results and understanding. Even discussing why we should use reason employs reason!

These mysteries about how we evolved should not distract us from the indisputable fact that we did evolve.

If you can't think of an observation that could disprove a theory that theory simply isn't scientific.

Because of the hegemony of fundamentalist religion in the United States this country has been among the most resistant to the fact of human evolution.

Damn but science is just a constant feed of cool new facts and theories. Theology doesn't come close.

If the history of science shows us anything it is that we get nowhere by labeling our ignorance "God".

It takes a profound hypocrisy to try to reconcile for others things that you can't reconcile for yourself.

Theology is the post hoc rationalization of what you want to believe.

In religion faith is a virtue. In science faith is a vice.