Jean-Georges Noverre Quotes

Applause lavished at a whim and without discernment often proves the ruin of young people training for a stage career.

When the music and dance create with accord...their magic captivates both the heart and the mind.

True art consists in concealing art.

It is shameful that dancing should renounce the empire it might assert over the mind and only endeavor to please the sight.

A fine picture is but the image of nature; a finished ballet is nature herself.

If our ballets be feeble monotonous and dull if they be devoid of ideas meaning expression and character it is less the fault of the art than that of the artist.

Dancing and ballets would undoubtedly take on a new lease on life if the customs established by a spirit of fear and jealousy did not in some way close the path of glory...

This art born of genius and good taste can become beautiful and varied to an infinite degree.

I cannot avoid condemning all those who from self-conceit have the pretension to imitate great artists of the past. If their powers of emotion be weak their powers of expression will be likewise.

In order to dance well nothing is so important as the turning outwards of the thigh; and nothing is so natural to men as the contrary position.

It is not a question of skimming the surface of the art it must be probed to its depths for to seize upon superficial things only is to degenerate into mediocrity and obscurity.

The abuse of the best things is always detrimental.