James A. Forbes Quotes

White supremacy is not just a social arrangement: it is a race-based faith.

It is not possible to achieve by vigilance in anger and revenge what the soul is longing for. The soul longs for peace.

Let's be cautious about relying so much on material things that we have no energy left for the spiritual aspects of our lives.

The American dream is under assault.

The saddest face I ever saw on Martin Luther King was at the funeral of the four little girls slain in Birmingham Alabama.

The Occupy Wall Street project feels like a burning ember that might light the torch of justice and inflame our longing for freedom.

In minor crises the preacher can extract himself emotionally and allow others to express grief and fear and doubt while he remains strong.

A Good Samaritan is not simply one whose heart is touched in an immediate act of care and charity but one who provides a system of sustained care.

I am a person who sings. I know not everyone is but that won't keep the Spirit from putting a song in your heart.