Israelmore Ayivor Quotes

New dreams are like new wines; they grow sweeter over time. With patience you will be able to climb your spiritual financial academic marital and social ladders in Jesus' name!

To know God you must appreciate the salvaging will of His son. Through Christ we become true leaders worthy of rewards!

Leaders are lovers of change. Without change growth is static. To lead you have to appreciate change; else change will depreciate you!

Blames after each failure keep lessons unlearned. When you fall rise up quickly and learn your lessons... Blames will never make any change; applied lessons will do!

Live everyday like your birthday and drive your life with all varieties of appreciation. A life live with thanksgiving every day is never tired of being lived again and again!

The only way to smile at harvest time is to appreciate the invisible fruits in the visible seed. Hungry people are not those who have no seed. They are those who kill seeds!

Positive thinking relates to an art of reasoning with the quality of hope for a better future either in the face of difficulties or in the presence of abundance of opportunities.

You have the right to create an appealing future for yourself; you also have the right to build up an appalling brand. Whichever you own the value you create.

Dreams appear as seeds that when planted must become a forest reserve.

Keep off your mind from the reward until the work is done; else you may be directed out of focus by the reward's appeals if it catches your attention!

Never let the thoughts of self-unworthiness re-arrange your prepared passion for failure. You can do it even if others say you can't. But you cannot do it if you tell yourself you can't.

I agree and admit that thinking and planning are free. Nobody charges you for thinking and you pay no one to make plans. It's your decision!

One of the most common areas where we fail is when we begin to think that genetic make-up of a person determines how far he can lead". Leadership is learnt and practiced!

Let go of the heavy pains of yesterday and you will feel lighter to float on top with your values. Arise and float!

Pride anger and hatred are fruits from the same garden that poison the world when ripe. A leader cultivates no such fruits.

People appear like angels until you hear them speak. You must not rush to judge people by the colour of their cloaks but by the content of their words!

Never be too angry beyond repairs. Anger is nothing good to be part of your tributes. Are you angry with someone? The sun is sinking just drop it now.

Never be anxious about maintaining the position you occupy. Be anxious about maintaining your good character and you will never lose your leadership influence!

Maintain your integrity! Live life in such a way that when another person tells his or her truth you'll not be committed for blame.

Speak well to people; tell them the truth today! If you meet them another day tell them the same truth! That shows how you can maintain the real character you poses!

Save your skin from the corrosive acids from the mouths of toxic people. Someone who just helped you to speak evil about another person can later help another person to speak evil about you.

Better spend time working hard to maintain your good habits because you may look for time to recover it but to no avail!

Authority confined in you does not make you a leader. It is the authority created by you that makes you influence people with your purpose.

Majority of excuses are deliberate attempts to keep success far away. Eventually the success goes away because that is the command "excuses" gave out; "pack and go"!

What you see to be difficult now is likely to be the easiest thing ever later when you deliberately get your willpower trained over it by repeated attempts! Don't give up!

Do it again and again. Consistency makes the rain drops to create holes in the rock. Whatever is difficult can be done easily with regular attendance attention and action.

The blame game is already a lost game so don't attempt dressing up to play it!

You've got to be around people who encourage you advice you and want to see you go even higher and higher than they themselves have attained!

The kind of life you live is not only determined by the level of education you attained. It's defined by the kind of love you give to God in whom you believe!

If you fear to know the cost the value will definitely be lost. Focus your attentions on the product not the price.

Nobodies are created by bad attitudes and sin. God had no time creating nobodies!

The courageous attitudes of leaders ramble around coward followers and sooner or later they become courageous too!

We live our thoughts and manifest them in our attitudes toward ourselves and others. We cannot live beyond our thoughts and convictions.

The volume of your impacts is measured by the direction of your movements the passion with which you inspire and the attitudes by which you make an influence!

Football Coaches do play football matches; their attitudes toward the game in times of tendencies of losing can cause a change in the scores of the games they monitor and mentor!

DEPORT yourself from the coast of negative attitudes and you will give your dreams a lift up from a level of high concentration of repeated failure to an indelible success! God is with you!

The attitude you pose is greatly influenced by the links of friendships you bookmark. Good friends good attitudes; best friends best attitudes. Guess what for toxic friends...!

Create an opportunity for change to have way in your attitude and lifestyle. Sometimes it not us but our perceptions scare away change!

Your character and attitude is what takes the lead in your leadership role and you follow them as a true leader. Poor character and attitude is eventually poor leadership.

Attitude determines how the inner battleis won.

To a hungry person every bitter food is sweet. When the preferable is not available the available becomes preferable!

You will learn more when you teach someone else. The secret to obtaining more knowledge is teaching more people as possible and available!

The size of the tree you cut determines the weight with which you have to throw the axe.

Develop accommodating values and habits. People are scared away from you when you have a value system and habitual actions that accommodate them comfortably.

Don't accommodate complains in your chamber else you have a sleepless and restless night. Keep them away and fall in love with actions for solution!

God is the source of wisdom for dream accomplishment. This is the principal principle.

No matter how short or long your journey to your accomplishment is if you don't begin you can't get there. Beginning is difficult but unavoidable!

Vision is the foresight or forecast or insight into the future. Vision is the picture of one's destiny or accomplishment or simply what a person is meant to do or become.

Every big castle was once started with a single block; despise no small beginnings. A little step taken every day builds up the hope of greater accomplishments. Do something every day!

The gangs of arrogant thieves that can rob you of your success are your own doubts fears and low self-image. Get them arrested and kept distances apart and you and your accomplishments are secured.

You cannot be accountable with the products of someone else's mind; no man is known for a skillful hunting by the number of bush meats gathered by another man!

Never wake up waiting to hear a command from someone before you make a move; be responsible! Never repeat what made you to waste an hour of yesterday; be accountable!

On no account should you entertain being a victim of your own circumstances. When unexpected failure occurs you can turn it into success.

Be responsible. Your abilities ensure that you respond to the responsibilities that you encounter daily.

A great future awaits you. However you have to divorce your past and get hooked for a better life. Embrace the great future ahead with all optimism!

Avoid all doubtful ideas and put your mind into the realms of true belief.

Start lifting your brand off the ground with an excelling mentality becoming best at what you do. You can't afford to be an average person although you may have begun from a level below average

Step out of the crowd of average people. Enter that game and change the values on the scoreboard.

Any blunder committed in the past opens the avenue for the success of the future. However the success of the future massively is fueled by the how positively the mistakes of the past are handled!

Complaining is a vain way of explaining pain without gaining relief. Keep complains distances away from you.

Your relationships will either empower you to overcome obstacles or put fears in you so you can run away from them.

Pick the axe; chop off the anger; burn the pieces and bury the ashes. Anger kills before it is noticed. It travels faster to the destination to destroy long before conscience arrives to regret it!

Just as the bird needs wings to fly a leader needs useful information to flow. Leaders learn.

Dream thieves are those who leave their real dreams aside and struggle to pick other people's dreams to work on. They suffer to do attempt what they can't do

Before you think of asking for support from someone for the success your dreams ask yourself "how much of what I have can I invest?" Help yourself first!

Congratulate yourself as a good beginner. Feel proud of God for choosing you to begin the work at hand. Accept the work freely and get started. Be grateful.

Leadership is an art expressed by the demonstration of characters worthy of immitation emulation and inspiration. It is neither a title nor a postion.

Create your own future; you are your own artisan. Promote your own brand; you are your own marketer! You've got the hands to do that. Just believe it is possible!

Good communication has just a little to do with eloquence. It's character that makes it more successful. Harsh words nicely articulated are sharp enough to kill your brand!

When you unleash your divine talents to produce better articles people will pay for them and that creates wealth for you. Spend time well!

The first key to a purposeful living is to accept the responsibility of your mission. When you agree "yes" to the calling then you ask God "why?".

Choose to be at peace with yourself and you will never have any battle to lose. Find yourself every reason and season to share your peace with others!

One of the greatest ever statement that can keep you at peace with others is that "I am right but I may be wrong"! Yes we know you are right but you may be wrong!

You don't necessarily need atomic bombs to destroy a nation. Politicians who value their pockets than the life of citizens always do that every day.

Take time to regularly assess how you spend your time. Be ready to make changes that suit the goals pursue at a particular time.

A team's inspiration comes from individuals' aspirations. The combined quality of individual passions makes a team's impact to excel. When you are in a team play a part!

Aspire higher to attain excellence in whatever you do. But be careful when you reach the peak where the only way is the way downwards. Maintain your standard!

Defend your leadership roles with your true character. Never attack your own aspirations with corruption and unfaithfulness! Keep calm and be honest!

The only God who can lead you out of trouble when you are pursuing your dreams is the one who gave you that assignment. Neglecting him from your plans is tantamount to commitment of suicide.

Failure becomes success when it finds positive minds; Tragedy becomes melody when it lands in positive hands. With positivity possibility is assured!

Let your plans be assured from the end to the beginning. Let it be clear that the end is hopeful. Wake up.

You are like a city on the hill; you can't be hidden out of sight in any way! Beautify your environment and your influence will be seen from afar!

You have authority in your mouth hence don't need to be afraid; but rather positively affirm!

Every few words you speak every little help you offer and every small advice you give mass up tiny miracles that can change someone's life forever!

Don't neglect adverse situations. Sometimes they carry the yolk of great differences. When you break them away you waste the yolk!

The most essential requirement for leaders is neither age nor gender. It is neither certificates nor positions. It is the character that reveals trust and exemplary life.

If you are convinced about your choices go with full hope that you will get there by the grace of God!

You will ever depress the devil if you always love those who spit hatred into your face. The devil loves vengeance and anything contrary to this is an agenda to bring down his temporal kingdom!

Your challenges are like tall walls with weak foundations. They'll fall when you dare to give them a blow. Don't be afraid to dare... You will surely overcome!

You may lose paradise but gain heaven when you rise up and repent. The success that comes after a temporal failure is an amazing spectacular!

You can choose when and when not to be stopped... Choose to be stopped after you die... when your work is done and done well.

Friendship is like an investment; the best type yields the best profit for you! It's not just about making friends; it's about making right friends for the right reasons!

Thinking without acting makes you a coward. Acting without thinking makes you insane. You need both the thoughts and actions; they never walk alone!

Let's stop discussing about who a wise person is and start learning to become wise persons. Begin acquiring knowledge at the very moment you discover that there is something called "knowledge"!

Never be rigid on an action plan that always fails freezes and frustrates. Perhaps what you need is a change of your methods you run with the peak velocity!

There is no harvest without hard work therefore never expect chance to solve your problems of abject need for you. You must take deliberate actions!

The desired shape your dreams take is directly proportional to the practical presentation of the theoretical skills that you have learnt.

Run your purpose on the toes of your feet before people can type your success stories with the fingers of their hands.

Give a try; give a shot. Sometimes you must not only expect the way to be too clear; strike when you can!

The desire to swim in deeper waters is what gives a greater experience. Nothing new comes out of being ordinary. Leaders take risks.

It is never too late or too early; you are never too young or too old. You can do what you can do.

Your future depends of the choices you make today. The future for this reason can be predicted by your day to day living.

Almost everything a leader fails to achieve is anything he fails to try. What is not attempted is what is difficult to do.

True leaders are ready to sweat when making rehearsal than to cry tears when actually practicing. To save the tears be ready to sweat!

Whatever you begin will see the light of day provided you can dream big and be a ruler over your dreams with persistent actions.

Plan and plant your gifts. Pray and play your role. The harvest is assured when God manifests his anointing power in your passionate actions.

The binding factor between knowing something and doing it is "passion". When your passion is concentrated in what you know your work output will bind well.

Success will locate and visit you even if you are static wherever you are... But remember you are responsible for constructing the roads... Go make the roads!

A little deed done very well is better than a mighty plan kept on paper undone. Wishes don't change the world; it's actions that do this business!

Hopelessness is advance failure in a disguised envelope. People are crippled to have bed-ridden dreams just because they don't believe they can take progressive steps with those dreams.

You were brought to where you are standing now because the decisions you took some time back have held you by your hands and dragged you this far.

Never abbreviate your dreams. Only short-hand people always do that. Their punishment is that they can't stretch far further and forward into the future. Dream only big dreams!

Be positive in your thoughts passionate in your words and purposeful in your actions. Clean thoughts Cool words and Clear actions are the impressions that appeal to success.

If you let your man-made actions to be more frequent than your man-said words you will travail with praise in man-win visions. Do more say less win big.

Take the chair and sit at the fore-front of your dreams. You are the chair-person at the center of affairs; make it memorable; make an impact! Leave a legacy!

Before a dream can mature and manifest itself as real a lot of loaded efforts come into play! You are the pivot on which those loads must be turned!

If your passion does not keep you sleepless you can't be a good beginner. When passion itches a great hand scratches... Wake up it's your time to rise above idleness!

Do this exercise: Demolish the bridges of pessimism behind you. If you do this very well you'll have no other choice than to move forward! Successful people are always optimistic!

Don't be discouraged when your life boils hot. With just a little more toil you'll reap from the soil. More oil to your elbows. Stay awake and make it happen!

Money is not the priority. A step to dream big and planning of your dreams is a premier action that will see you through a start of your journey to success.

When God opens the windows of heaven for rain to flow those who will enjoy are those who sow! Don't misuse the blessings of God... Get a seed today to grow!

Lack of courage is what makes big dreams to sit in the ink of the paper instead of them running in the shoes of actions. Without courage you remain a dreamer!

If you really want to eat keep climbing. The fruits are on the top of the tree. Stretch your hands and keep stretching them. Success is on the top keep going.

You will learn but you have to act. You will be given but you have to receive. Stretch your hands and take up your laurels by the power put in you!

Fulfilling your destiny is like going on an errand assignment. You must run it to make it meaningful. You don't become who you should become when you remain passionlessly without taking actions.

You can never have a successful end if you expect things to change as a result of miracles. Things will never change unless you take up the challenge to change them yourself.

To shape a dream well understand that it is going to happen through processes in which your hands must get on board. It takes your own responsibility to get the best dream shape

Your brand resides in your dominant talent. Other talents and gifts are only there to connect you to the right people for the right choice and the right places for the right actions.

Your passion is measured by the difference between your willingness to take actions and your desire to quit. When your desire to quit outweighs your willingness to persist you are ripe for failure!

Try your best... Do your best... Sow the best and reap the best! The best is right in you... Don't hide it and give out the worst. We are looking right up to you!

There is joy at the end of every struggle we face. But you can never cross over and get there with the boats of complains. Complainer is only an explainer of pain! Take action!

Your success lies in your own hands. You must therefore not wait for the grass to become greener by magic. You have the hands to irrigate your own territory by doing what is expected of you!

Success is a choice; you choose it and work it out! Excellence is deliberate and so it is intentionally pursued. No successful person ever remained idle for success to knock his/her door for him/her

Your attitudes action reactions and expectations are harboured in the power of your thoughts. Think positively and you will smile at the harvest time.

Compassion is not a sometime action; it's an every time passion! You can't be compassionate for less than 7 days in one week... That's first class hypocrisy!

Thoughts do more. Words to much. Actions do much more.

Thoughts are roots; Words are leaves; Actions are fruits! Every success tree has all working normally!

Building up a dream is like building a room; the foundation must be deep strong firm and dependable.

Big dreams are marathons. Passionate actions are marathons of marathons! Waiters don't deserve it; Quitters don't get it!

When the actions becomes frequent than the words success becomes heavier than the dreams. Do more say less.

Begin when you have the strength. You have it now; therefore the best time to begin is now.

The reason why nothing happens is because nothing was done. Something will happen when something is done. Leaders take actions!

Whatever you can think about you can have it realized provided you can work out the suggestions of your imaginations.

Whatever is difficult for you become easy if you take a bite of it every day. Try again and again!

Do you feel like your action plans are stronger to than your capability? Just take a moment a draw a plan of how to deal with the difficult task with a single bite at each time. Go slow but sure!

Be positive with every idea surrounding your dreams. Think about the possibility of what you plan to do and approach it with an optimistic action. Stay positively.

Wishes and wants do not transform a person; actions and reactions do so! Show the world your plans by the actions you take progressively and consistently.

Don't rush to design your face to look beautiful attractive and charming. Rather be quicker to decorate your mind to appear as goal-oriented passion-embedded and action-driven.

You become a master in what you repeatedly do in consistency. Mastery is not born; it is acquired. It is not blood-linked; it is skill-learnt!

Excellence is a habit acquired by continuous improvement on the little things you do with a firm belief that it's going to be better than before!

If you do not achieve your God-given goals it does not mean God has not given the power. It rather means you have taken His power for granted!

To believe something and not live is like making fun of your abilities. You cannot be really trusted if you can dream and doubt its possibility.

Leaders spend time reviewing their mistakes rather than having fantasies over their achievements! They look for every way to do the undone!

True leaders spend time reviewing their mistakes rather than having fantasies over their achievements! They look for every way to do the undone!

Your health wealth position performance ability and attitude are the results of your decisions.

You destruct the attention the world gives you when you mistrust your own ability

There are many good seeds in you. Therefore you must avoid every bad soil in the world.

You can go with an empty pocket and come back heavily loaded if you allow your passion to escort you!

Integrity involves the ability to stand straight when you tell your truth and still stand straight when the other person comes to talk!

God is not interested in your ability. He isinterested in your availability. When you availyour ability to God you become a faithful leader.

The difference between where you are now and where you will get to later defines your range of work which you have to be responsible for.

The brain is the coast of many great monuments. Your ability to exploit the power of your brain is what makes you a leader. Leadership emerges from a positive mindset!

Courage provides you with two qualities; the capability to begin something and the ability to endure it to the end! Let no one stop you from sparking your life with courage!

A good character is not only about the good person people know you to be. Your ability to tell the truth about how bad you had been is also a good character.

One major factor that makes most achievers to fail is their ability to know where they are going and becoming unaware of what they will have to do when they get there!

Never worry about what others have; worry about what you have and refuse to use. Someone else will also worry about what you have when you begin to make use of it!

Wisdom is the ability to make wise decisions and pursue them. The bible said wisdom is the principal thing. This means it's the number one thing ever that you cannot bypass and expect to succeed!

The presence of pain should not be the reason for your low self-image. Boldness is the ability to stand tall even when the valley seems deep. Your pain will bring gain. Just believe and go to work!

Leaders are interested in gains. However they acknowledge that there is no gain without pain. They embrace the pain.

Never loan your heart to hatred; it pays you back with self-destruction. Majority of people living are not aware that anger is an acid that destroys its own container.

What the fertilizer does to the germinating plant is what happiness does for a depressed soul... What anger does to a person is what an acid does to its container!

Put into actions what you dream of achieving. It'll amaze you to discover that you can do more than you ever dream of. Just give it a try! Never be idle take actions now!

Having ideas is like getting fishing net; you must cast it. The broader you cast it the greater your likelihood of achieving more!

You care you dare and you share; this is the unforgettable rule of every true believer and achiever.

You have two options to choose from as an aspiring achiever; either you become excellent or you become excellent! Mediocrity is never an option!

Money is not the first step to becoming a great achiever. Your ideas determine the cost you will need to pay. So if you have no ideas you can't know the amount you will need!

Most people who are global achievers were once victims of greater circumstances than yours but they had one word to sum it up; They never give up!

If you drop your beliefs you drop your success. God's mighty people begin to fall even as achievers when they begin to drop the beliefs they pursue at first.

Do something. Successful achievers wake up in the morning and go to bed in the night. In between their waking up and going to bed is occupied with action action action and action.

A role model is a person whose roles can be modelled. If the roles you conceive and give birth to today cannot be adopted by anyone in your absence you are no good model.

Your choices are very essential; without a better choice you are risking to drive a destination whose name you know but address you forget!

Love is an admiration that comes with patience. Lust is an admiration that comes with impatience. In all admiration is common but patience is not!

A true leader is still a leader even when he takes up servants' duty provided he maintains a human face and added integrity to his self-retained qualities.

Those who distinguish themselves in what they do and become disinct always score distinction. Don't follow the crowd. Distinguish yourself with a special commitment and you will excel.

Fight the good fight of faith; ignore all callings of doubt regardless of how loud they sound. Arm yourself always against disappointments by planning and preparing very well.

Shadows of doubt will always fall behind you when you keep your face towards the sunshine. Believe in God; face the brighter light and cast behind the dark shadows!

Learning from failure boosts a leader's chance of staying ahead of his standards. Leaders who rise quickly after falling are always stable.

Two main definitions of a true leader; His presence is noticed and his absence is felt...!

Leave me alone" is not a good news! "Let's be together" is not a bad news. We were made to be each others keepers. Let love lead

Don't wait for what you don't have. Use what you have begin now and what you don't even expect will come alongside with excess of what you expect. Go make it happen.

When all your efforts are channeled through a common canal for progress no condition can alter a single sentence of your success story! Dream it; Drive it; Be in focus!

You don't get drown by falling into a river. You get drown by remaining there. Falling accidentally and rising immediately was what distinguished Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln from the rest.

Once you can write an alphabet you can write a book of 100 million pages. It's just a matter of believing it as possible and taking the cross millimetre by millimetre.

It takes your knowing to decide on your going. If you know where you are going you will keep going because you have already seen yourself gone

A man of vision cannot question his potentials. He does not doubt his capabilities. He keeps going because he had seen himself gone already in his visions.

Make sure that your heartfelt thanksgiving is more consistent than your nagging needs and your passionate apology fervent than your unhealthy justifications. Be clean and hopeful.

Gather the courage to encourage yourself. Your self-motivation will energize you to dream of bigger ambitions to accomplish in life!

You may perform poorly but your poorly may not be as badly as others may say it is. Your poorly is excellent provided you make amendments on it!

One minute with a silent spirit of self-knowledge is enough to align you to put smiles on the face of the boring world. The world needs you! Yes it does!

You can do nothing without prayer and everything with it. Anything worth worrying about is something worth praying about.

I agree that dreaming in not a crime so I can dream as big as I can.

What will make you great today will never make you great tomorrow! The airplane that Wilbur and Orville Wright invented in 1906 would be seen as a scrap today. It becomes valueless with time.

The best ever spiritual coach you can ever have is Jesus Christ; our model of true leadership! You can do all things through Christ your and my spiritual coach!

Opportunities can become obstacles same way obstacles can become opportunities; it all depends on how they are being interpreted by the mind of a person.

To lead by example is to offer your life as a living diarry for others to read. Never make your life pages blank; make some marks there. Many people are reading you.

Don't take purposeless people as your leaders. Their life is like an empty book with a nice cover paper and you have attempted to buy it. Of which use will it be to you for you to read blank pages.

One major way to avoid shifting blames unto other people is to accept and agree that the efforts that turn the loads of your self- improvement have to turn on your own pivot.

Stop the blame game; you can't win it! All fans of blame are defeated in every way... Don't join them!

Avoid the penalties of the blame game. You were born to be boss player not a blame giver. Stop the blame!

The blame game is already a lost game so don't attempt dressing up to play it! Blames create no change; winners don't apportion blames!

I believe this; When you have a needy person in your neighbourhood it's an opportunity for you to become a wealthy and healthy person! Giving time is blessing time!

It is very rare for a child of God to find gold and crude oil on the floor to fetch. He/she must dig and dig deeply well!!!

What others see in you now is just a MILD chapter of you; the WILD version of your brand is yet to be visible. Just dare and will show up!

You don't need to know why God sent you to the earth before you say "yes" to what He sent you for! He wants you to prosper and he is the only one who knows "how?"!

YOU are YOU! Know YOU can! YOU must not be afraid because God has a prosperous future plan for YOU! YOU got to know YOU! Guess who you are? YOU are a blessing to all others especially me!

True blessing comes in the dress of sweats never delaying to wave bye to the excuses and procrastination. True blessing lies in hard work!

Not everyone who died had left a memory and not everyone who had left a memory had left a blessed one. Therefore not all have died should be tagged of a blessed memory

Just preaching you are blessed to a congregation is like giving them a big fertile land. They need the seeds to plant on it; they need business ideas a little of which is enough!

Not every hen lay eggs. Not every hen that lays eggs gets them hatched. Not everyone born with greatness becomes as such. Go hatch your eggs.

You got the eggs in you; the world is fully ready to celebrate the chicks out of your laying labour. Never give up. Go and breed! Go and breed great dreams.

Leaving your dreams and living someone's dreams is like dipping a pole into a pool to catch a weaver bird alive! It doesn't work that way... Pursue what God sent you for!

The bird dares to break the shell then the shell breaks open and the bird can fly openly. This is the simplest principle of success. You dream you dare and and you fly.

Don't cry over the shots you've missed; weep over the ones you've not taken at all. The bitterest regrets are for things planned but left undone!

Flavour your life in such a way that anyone who thinks he or she is biting or back-biting you will rather take smiles away unexpectedly and with surprises.

A bold attitude is what true leaders use to crash down failure before they venture with their visions!

Bolts work on nuts; pens work on paper. But you must work on yourself. Go get working!

Ballot papers do not define leaders. Leadership is defined by conviction vision passion and inspiration.

If you walk and talk with God you will never miss the direction to your divine future. Be bold and offer your heart to be led by God.

March out of the common line; make bold steps ahead and dance to the tune of a sweeter better and nicer tone of your own music. March out of the tiny box!

The broader your knowledge the bolder you can approach your challenges. Nobody goes to open the door without carrying a key... Knowledge is key; grab it... handle it with care!

Never joined the wrong boat. When the destination is right and the direction is wronged everything goes wrongly!

Create a link through which you can market your dream products. Create a blog or a website of your own depending on what you want to be recognized for. Share your experiences through these media.

Never lose hope; until your bones are rotten never give up. Once the final whistle did not blow up keep running hard!

Procrastination and excuses really have the energy to make your picture small and blurred if you offer them that image!

A single day in my own shoe that is comfortable for me is better than 365 days in someone else's shoes that does not fit me at all.

They say education has no end. If you still disagree with this here is a better way to take it in; "Education has an end that never comes".

Fire False Friends as early as possible. Do it before they dig out the dream seeds you've planted! The earlier the better; the quicker the safer!

You have no reason to give up if you haven't tried all steps in the world yet! Try again if at first you don't succeed; Try no other option; Just try again with a better approach!

The common goal of leaders is to increase the value and productivity of people. Leaders inspire others to do better than they would have done when not inspired.

Take your dreams off the ground to the clouds of business where your products will contribute to make the world a better place.

A good example is the best gift you can offer to your children. In your absence your example is present which means you are present always!

Never leave the egg in you not laid. Don't leave the laid eggs there not hatched. You deserve the best; you were created to use every gift in you!

Give thinking the opportunity to be your everyday meal; you get nourished by the best success nutrients. You will never be deficient!

Teamwork is the best ever investment. If I make 3 and you make 5 together we will not make 8. We will make 15. Leaders build active teams!

Your dominion has nothing to do with a negative person's opinion. Flee from people who only hung on passport-size dreams and you'll see your bigger picture! Go for the big one!

See the bigger picture of yours and refuse the passport size creature that people think you are! Your nature is large; go for it. Feel free to wake up and print your bigger picture!

Take the broken pieces of your life bake a master cake out of it. Don't stand still like a lake; keep flowing like a stream!

Don't agree and believe that success comes free... Gold on the floor is a lie! You must dig deep and then you will reap big!

Never stretch your neck to see who is not doing it big. Look into your bosom and realize that you can do it bigger! Go create a brighter picture!

Your level is above the reach of the devil... Keep it in mind; as long as you are in the light of God you bind him (the devil) tight!

Who regulates the heat of the sun? Who pays the bills of the energy we obtain from the sun? Leave all judgments to that man if you believe we all walk under that same sun!

Take your million smiles through billion miles; life will never get boring for you even for a while.

Your flour is your dream and your bread is your fulfillment. The environment in which your flour is baked can influence the shape of your bread... Just take it as simple as that!

They may not change your skins colour; they may not change your body odour; but once they can change your daily thoughts they can influence your habits! Beware of evil companions!

Don't keep looking for "something" in the bag of "nothing". You will see the same thing again and again no matter how many times you repeat the look.

Your local dreams contain global elements; think global. On no account should you settle with a crowd when God has called you for multitudes! Dare to dream big!

There are no big men and big women. There are small people with big dreams and extra larger passion!

Embrace the power of little things and you will build a tower of mighty things. Mighty things are made up varieties of little things put together!

The success of the future does not lie solely on the safety of the past but relies broadly on the security of the present.

Those who broadcast your messy failures are the same people who will telecast your mass fortunes. But this can only happen when you accept your responsibility to turn your life around!

The sweeper of the street is a leader in his own respect provided he does his job well with all love diligence and attention than anyone would do when given the same broom sticks.

Information had become a critical tool that you can use to raise your bar across every barrier towards excellence. Deny this fact and maintain your bar wherever it was without even a millimeter lift.

Opportunity never arrives it only walks by. Chance never comes it only knocks at the door. Never think the success will jump into your palms; you must work for it!

Most times success does not come as tiny droplets of showers freely falling on every roof; it comes in heavy flows like a stream. Use the bigger dream barrels!

Discipline yourself to be a disciple of great works and to do that excellently you have to wave "bye-bye" to some things and then switch off your inner person not to go near them again!

Be inspired raising the bar of excellence in your life every day. Act better than before; grow higher than usual; think faster than normal.

I do not worship a DEAD and buried Christ at Calvary. I worship a ressurected and LIVING Christ in Heaven! Jesus Christ is alive.

The harbour of influence is richer in the cemeteries where people are buried with their music on their tongues unsung. Don't leave your potentials untouched!

Two things I ask of my God today. That my faith be hoisted high like a kite up in the sky and my fear be buried deeply like a carcass into the soil.

Delay is not a help-mate. The cemetary is full of people who thought they could DO IT tomorrow. Do It Now!

Find your hidden talents your hidden potentials your hidden purposes and convert them into a better business for the benefit of the entire world.

No matter how obstacles may play you over the bar you will be able to assume your shape when your passion is always intact. You will not burst!

Hi ladies Hi Girls... If you don't add more knowledge to what you already know you may be a virgin but may not raise your bar! Go get extra oil!

Break every boundary with your inner passion and you will get there successfully. Resist every chance to give up... Believe you can... Rise up after every fall... Be willing to win!

On Jesus' rock my life abounds; all other floors are slippery grounds. His love for me is mercy band; any other love is sinking sand.

A leader isn't born after 9 months' conception. When talents are discovered skills are mastered & values are developed a leader is born.

In simple words whatever you were born to do you were equipped to do it. You are a whole equipment for success!

You were created fashioned and designed in a special form to leave in the world something that did not exist before you were born!

If you have a plan and you don't even SHOW IT you are just like someone born to be great and don't even KNOW IT.

If I would be made come to earth again I would ask for the same mother again. If made to return 100 times to earth I would request to be born through the same mother 100 times!

Avoid hating people because you might have destroyed the bridge you have just used to cross the river; you'll need that bridge to cross again when returning!

Bridges take people across rivers. Leaders take people across ignorance. With a leader the destination of a journey is sure.

Lift your worship off the ground to a higher ground where love abounds. One thing that hinders sincerity in the worship of God among brethren is insincere love among one another!

Leaders do not conform; they reform. If you conform you are nurturing mediocrity. If you reform you are breeding change.

The possibility of making an error and coming back to try again is real when you have not fully prepared.

The deeper the difficulty in fulfilling a dream the brighter the outcome of its fulfillment and the sweeter the celebration thereof. Persist to the end; don't give up!

You have it in your God-given power the willingness to make the years ahead of you to become a brighter one. Avoid things that will not make you a success in the nearby future!

Drop down someone else's shoe and run to take your own quickly. Don't hire your own to anybody else it profits you nothing! Brighten the corner where you are. Yes you can!

For the sake of your dreams don't create negative brands for yourself else you scare away opportunities that are meant to be your turning point!

Fame is not the reason why brands are created and erected. Be diligent focused and chain unceasing prayers to God who will continue giving you cheers.

The main factor that makes leadership potentials to become abused often is ignorance. Many people can merely spell their names in alphabets but cannot pronounce their brands!

Your brand will be called on upon when it's needed. When it's not needed at the moment keep it safely till it's call comes. Some brands shine occasionally!

Learn new things. Do progressive research into what you do and find out how others outside your quarters are doing it. Dare to be excellent. Average brands easily go into extinction soonest.

My friend when you always say "God is in control" while you have your feet on the brake pad you are not going anywhere! Wise up!

21st century leaders use their brain cells more than their muscle tissues!

All people are standing; you got to standout! All people are breaking grounds; you got to breakthrough grounds! Don't settle for less; rise up and stand tall in what you do!

You are your own leader. Where are you driving yourself to now? You can't afford to go wayward! Rise up and break new territories and live life so well.

Don't obey the commandments of obstacles. Resist every opposition schemed to break you down. Wake up!

Obey every rule that will enhance your trust in God for greater work! Break every law that might cause a tear in your relationship with Him against your destiny!

Too much hurry will bury your goals. Too much haste will make you waste. Too quick race will cripple your pace. Be patient.

Specialization concentration and consistency is the key to outstanding performance... Love your zone!

The ink in the pen that writes success stories is "FOCUS"...

Many self-leaders lead the world even by being invisible. The world learns from them without sitting in their classrooms.

Information leads to transformation. If you are not inspired by being informed you will expire by becoming deformed!

One word is enough to destroy an entire city provided that word is backed by anger. Drop down the bullets of anger; it destroys at the speed of light!

Power is defined as an ability to do qualitative work with a quantitative passion backed by a compelling conviction directed by a propelling purpose fulfilling a divine destiny. That is power!

To maintain your integrity just maintain your words in sanctity and your works in sincerity. You can't be really trusted when your works of today are standing against your words of yesterday!

True leaders are like statues whether it rains or it shines they never bend their necks to look backwards! They never run away from challenges!

Yea... It's impossible to lead with true virtues if you surround yourself with praise singers... people who do not cheer you up instead of cheering up your dreams!

It's easier to maintain a good character than to recover it when it's gone bad!

Regrets won't change anything. Don't Reject yourself. Just Refrain from what you did badly; repent and move on.

Good character going bad is like a beast escaping it's cage; it will be hard to capture it again!

If you think of evil things you are likely to do evil things and that will never pay you a pesewa. Think of good things and do good always!

It's not bad to cough. But cover your mouth when coughing. It's not bad to complain. But cover your mouth when complaining else you'll spread infections of complains on us!

God wanted us to do something and we went the bad way. Then he said "No! I am not going to lose what I want done! So I'm gonna save this people and restore their dreams back to them"!

People can still see you even if you enter the next door. Even if you are dead and gone they can still see you. What is necessary is whether they see you for the good bad or ugly reason.

You are responsible for who you become... Love yourself Like your speed; Leave your scars; Live your skills!

Spare the stress on your neck musclesLooking backward takes more energy; it's more painful than looking forward! Go ahead!

The main reason why God gave us imaginations is to allow us to have a specific power that can help us make realistic decisions.

If you are going to devote your time to do something you claim you love take this thought; is this productive enough and worthy to be done? How useful will it be? This is purpose.

Be grateful that yesterday ended well; be thankful that today begun well; be joyful that today will end beautifully. Live this pattern of life every day!

You remain a follower for life when you pay for what people do while nobody pays you for what you do. Do something impressive and become a leader!

Every true leader is a true follower. Every true follower is a true leader. You are followed because of the dreams you pursue; you pursue others because of the dreams they follow!

One person with a divine purpose passion and power is better than 99 people who are merely interested. Passion is stronger than interest.

Don't be a patron of disbelief; nobody fights and wins battles in the hand gloves of doubts.

The most ignorant and wasted youthful generation is the very one that the older generation uses to create social conflicts to their own youthful detriment!

Failure of your first attempt does not mean you can't be a winner of great battles; it rather means you must trigger only when your target is in focus.

However if you fail to prepare you will either go through stress to win your race or you may quit when the battle becomes tougher than you ever imagined.

You are a winner; dare to claim it. You reserve your joy if you reverse your belief. You deserve to celebrateIt will happen when you dare to believe in God!

The strongest people are people who faced the toughest situations in life. People who are defeated by the toughest battles are stronger than those who have won by using the escape route!

Conquerors fight their own battles. You are more than a conqueror that's why the battle was fought on your behalf by Christ. However it does not mean you should stay idleDress up and go to work!

Idea lady is the ideal lady!

To a leader reputation is an option but true character is a necessity!

The greatest tragedy to ever happen to a nation is not the incidences of war or terrorism. It's when more bookshops close down and more drinking bars are opened to replace them!

PULL and PUSH" are basic principles of life. You must PULL to work hard and then PUSH to give hard"... The reason why we gain is to give!

Be determined that you will let every dream of yours be released to the fullest capacity. Brighten your picture!

Don't feel pity for those who will feel disappointed because you have scored! You were trained not to entertain a pity party but to excel in a winning game!

God gave the seed but he wants the fruits back. Pick the seeds up. Plant the best ones. He promised the rain. It will be a bumper harvest!

Don't quench the courageous spirit you begun with; you'll still need it when the going gets tough and all things seem impossible on your journey!

Have the courage that you will trample over your I'll struggles of the past till all is settled for your celebrations. You will be victorious in the face of difficulties if only give are courageous!

The skills of a leader will determine how excellent he will perform. His attitude will determine how often he will do that.

Inferiority intentions are sample chapters of defeated stories... Courageous beginnings are examples of true leadership values!

If you can't set a better example for progress don't show disapproval against the worse tradition!

You keep your followers confused when you begin very well and give up too early... Suspense is useful in movies but useless when writing your success stories!

Be confident and courageous when you are about to make a start. Courage is key!

Yes! If you really love your beautiful garden of dreams you will never allow any hungry beast to have its way in. Keep dream killers away!

Being interested in doing undone things means you have the wish to have them done. But being powerful and filled with passion tells that you have the will to actualize them!

Walk in faith. Do not let your doubts take the lead ahead of you; they will show you the wrong path. Being a pessimist is a failure plan uncompleted.

People are tired of being told that it's possibleIt's time to show them how it can be possible. Leadership is demonstration.

Life is not enjoyed by being busy over everything in general but being passionate about one thing in particular. Always focus on that one thing; dream it and live it!

A person without a purpose is a human being merely breathing because he does not know where he is let alone knowing where he is going. Purposelessness is lifelessness.

Telling the truth to yourself is Integrity; Telling the truth to others is Honesty; Telling the truth with no fear or intimidation is Bravity and being free from falsehood is Purity!

Before you go to live the life you are being forced by others to live remember they'll never be there to share your challenges and emotions that come with it together with you!

Being disciplined with an ego that makes you to feel like you can never be disciplined by any other person is "indiscipline".

Don't be a pepper on the eyes of people; Rather be the salt on their tongue and make a difference that influences their sense of belonging to the earth.

You cannot score a goal when you are sitting on the bench. To do so you have to dress up and enter the game.

You may bend but that will not bring your life to an end. Your refusal to give up is the key; your rose flowers blossom from the thorns of life!

Many people know themselves but hardly believe what they know. To be a leader knowing yourself is not enough; you must believe what you know about yourself!

The most tragic cause of social disharmony is when the speed with which people find mistakes of others outweighs their simple belief that they too are infallible!

If you really want succeed in what you do obey this rule;... Wake up very early go to bed lately... Occupy your time usefully!

The beauty of your mind depends on the "make-ups" you use to feed it. A "can-do-spirit" is the best cosmetic. It never fades your mental beauty!

Good character keeps good brand safely. Bad character destroys hard earned brands.

Good bye" is a good gift when you wave it at me because I refuse to follow a bad advice you gave. Wave it at me and I will show you the door.

Fear punches holes in your eyes so that you don't see the future clearly. Faith enlarges your vision to behold your destiny.

Leaders build the future with clays of the past. Every good moment gives them ideas; every bad moment gives them lessons.

Your success lies behind your choices... To get there you must choose it and drive your dreams in that chosen direction!

Behind each and every difficult mountain is an easy valley. Keep climbing; endure a little more. Your pain will bring you gain!

Never turn your back to those who have faced your problems on your behalf. Never shut your mouth on those who have opened their hearts to receive you!

Every great building once begun as a building plan. That means sitting in that building plan on the table is a mighty structure not yet seen. It is the same with dreams.

No one on earth is "functionless". The problem we usually have is that functions of people are being displayed in the wrong positions! Change position!

He who cannot serve cannot lead. It is by being a servant that you recognize that followers also have needs. True leaders are service oriented!

Getting to the top should be a priority but being aware of the reason for getting there should be the focus!

It is one thing being disciplined to plan and it is another thing being a disciple of great work. Be your own disciplinarian.

A good friend will help you to discover the potentials you haven't uncovered. A bad friend will help you to cover up the potentials you have already recovered. Make your choice!

When trees fall on trees the topmost tree must first be removed before others. Don't be too concerned about the problems of the past. What matters most is the challenge at hand now!

My father said this to me: "Israelmore if you don't make any impact on earth you will die before you die. But if you impress hearts with what you do you still live even after you are gone

Inferiority intentions are sample chapters of defeated storiesCourageous beginnings are examples of true leadership values!

Dream big dreams but start small. A journey of thousand steps begins with a step.

Every friend was once a stranger and if you know this you have to understand that conversations are the beginning of connection

Motivations take you there. Tell yourself you are powerful enough to make it and it will surprise you that.. that power will start manifesting itself.

Success can locate and visit you even if you are static wherever you are... But you are responsible for constructing the roads... Go make the roads!

Stay strong; disappointments will not stay for that long. Wipe away your tears; be ready to receive cheers from people all over the world beginning from you!

Getting started is the most difficult thing to do; once you file it out they rest of the journey is as soft as the straw. Be a good beginner.

Drop down all those imaginations and feelings that "Success is built on Success". A HERO can be built from ZERO. Begin from where you stand with what you have!

Watch your time; keep your eyes on your talents. Set your goals and move into action. You owe the world an birth of success; Go begin to labour for it now!

What should be standing in the shoes of passion and be walking on the plans of action is sitting in the ink on the papper. Why? Because of the fear to start.

The speed at which progress rolls is not determined by the number of people who started pushing it but by the number of people who are passionate to hold on doing so.

Humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you high. People who are gentle humble and able always have a great ending no matter how small and where obscured they have started!

Break every chain of mediocrity that confines you. You may have begun at a level below average but dare to leave that side and paddle your steps to cross the river with honours.

Begin each day with the hope of ending it with the bests of your steps. Plan the day ahead and ensure that the plans are worthy of ensuring your dreams are achieved. Get started.

You need God's direction before you can prosper in anything you do. However it takes your choices to begin; it takes your passion to stay on; it also takes your integrity to finish it well!

When you are good at despising little things you are likely to throw away the tiny match stick that has the potential of putting the entire forest on fire! Little things do carry heavy potentials!

God calls big trees out of small seeds so He prepares great monuments out of small minds. He will definitely call those wonderful things he put in you out of you. When He begins do not resist!

Every idea both good and bad will definitely have an opposition. The fact that someone mocks your ideas and dreams does not mean they are bad. Take note!

Negative people talk and your dreams begin to wither off. But they begin to sprout in the fragrance of hope when they find a new soil! Change your environment!

When I prepare then I become pregnant... and then I produce. When I produce then I praise the Lord... and then I become prosperous and then the cycle repeats!

This is what you can do to be called a true leader; know the truth love the truth speak the truth and repeat the cycle over and over again and again! Let the truth reign!

You need to know the constituency you belong toand that is revealed by your constituents. When your constituents are speaking in public and making of stories your constituency can be journalism.

My mother is my doctorCaring for me when am illI will love her forever tillWe are gone to our creator!

The reason why salt and sugar are known to be sweet is that they season other things. Care to share and dare to do it every day!

Your mother just carried you literally. The one who really gave you to her is the one who really knows about the main problem you were meant to solve!

When you are happy for other people's dreams your dreams start jumping up with joy. Elizabeth was happy with Mary and her dream baby was jumping in her womb crazily for joy!

The glory of the carpenter is the tables and chairs he manufactures; the glory of God is you and me because He manufactured us!

Dare to make it to heaven and in doing so carry many people along! Be a soul winner!

Why ships won't use roads is why cars won't travel on oceans. When the position is wrong the leader won't be right.

If it's about the strength every big animal can catch any mouse... but the skillful brand of the cat makes it's catch exceptional! Go get the skills!

You can cease to be influenced by people who tease you... Just neglect their helps and elevate your steps... You can do it!

The kind of soil in your area determines the type of crop you will plant to harvest; The kind of potentials in you will decide the type of success you will celebrate.

To become a leader renovate your mind with painting of peace and roof your heart with ceiling of love. No love no leader!

When success is uniform the celebration becomes universal. Of which use is it to you to rejoice at the time your friend cries?

Be grateful for the life of those who mass up challenges on the paths to your fulfillment. At least they taught you self-defense!

The more positive you think the earlier you will discover opportunities and the easier you will overcome obstacles.

Challenges are unavoidable yet unpredictable! ...but the good news is "every challenge is overcome-able". You are an over-comer. Believe and overcome!

Pamper no temptations! Once you are the driver on the steer of your life choose to knock down every obstacle and challenge on your way to fulfillment.

Nothing is so rewarding than the patience that you take to go over the ramps of life. They may slow you down but you are an unstoppable hero. Keep driving!

Christ is my model of leadership because he faced similar challenges we also face on earth today but through it all He was victorious. To leaders are not overcome by challenges!

It's normal for us to become unhappy for a while due to how circumstances in life treat us but it is ungodly for us to be ungrateful for these circumstances that make us unhappy!

Everyone else believes in you. The major problem is that not all can let you know as in the way you may wish. Some will only let you know through their tests of criticism!

Leave no "full stop" in between the sentences that make up your life story. If anything let "commas" show that when you were brought down by challenges you rose up with passion and moved on again!

The way into the hall of success always passes through the chamber of decision. Decide to be a success; success is deliberate!

If you truly have compassion in your heart show it by keeping your doubts to yourself and sharing your hope with those who love change!

Don't let money change your direction; that's the job of the giver of the money.

Change your environment and if the need be change your company because it goes a long way to create another version for you which can easily ripe for decay!

What is in the pencil is greater than what is around it. The talents in you are greater than the environment surrounding you. Your potentials will change your environment.

One word can end a fight; One hug can start a friendship; One smile can bring Unity; One person can change your entire life!

Leadership is about making and maintaining a positive change. True leaders do not conform to the limits of the environments they stay in; the transform it positively!

Leadership is about inspiration with character not manipulation with position!

Knowing God is not enough; you must make Him known to others. Through your living character you tell more about the living God!

A self-leader cries for no followers by himself. He does his thing and people get to know him chase him and learn from him.

One smile in the morning can change your mood for the entire day. One hug in the evening can usher you into cheerful night dreams you will never regret!

Drive your life with care. Look nowhere else than up to your long cherished destination. You can only get there with focus. Blind your eyes from anything else!

The greatest legacy a father can leave for his children before he departs is PEACE otherwise his properties will go in PIECES sooner that he dies.

The fact that you are true child of God doesn't mean you will find gold on the floor when sweeping. You got to dig up the gold!

If you have a dream as a child but you let it go cold you will grow old only to realize that you have sold your gold for no royalty!

In every little boy child is hidden a great man; in every little girl child is hidden as great woman. God hides great things in little things and it takes the Holy Spirit of God get them unveil!

There is more experience on the field of justification than on the camp of training. Sometimes you got to take actions to learn more.

You may know how to do it but you have to choose to do it.

Do what you choose to do with all your heart head and hands! Your attitude determines how passionate you do what you chose to do.

Friends can speed up your steps or slow down your pace. Leaders choose friends wisely; they are aware of the consequences.

Don't give up! It seems difficult to you right? Why not do something little about it every? A little strike each day can chop down big trees. Give it a try!

Christ manifests his divine leadership in your sincere followership. Christ's followers become true leaders because Christ is the model of true leadership.

Don't compare yourself to other Christians. Compare yourself to Christ. He is the one you follow. He is the one other Christians too follow".

When you are close to Christ you are enclosed in liberty. You can never be intimidated by man if you are intimate with Christ.

You know how the Eclipse of the sun shows it? Christ's strength eclipses your powerlessness in God's likeness and there is total darkness on your weakness.

The most chronic heart disease is caused by having greediness in your heart. Go for check ups regularly and learn how to swallow those lumpy pills of generousity. Be kind and be healthy

Passion gives power while attitude designs excellence! You can do it because you have the passion; you can do it very well because you have the right attitude!

You cannot be escorted by the belief of inadequacy and get to the destination of excellence. Go along with "a can do spirit" because that is the only companion!

A clear passion a resolute determination a can-do spirit; these are the rods for creating a great mark!

If you see yourself as other people see you it means you are lost you don't know yourself and you have closed down a world class university of diligence!

Forgiveness is a clean lotion that heals the wounds of misunderstandings! To iron out the differences; get the painful sores dressed up; Forgive and Forget!

To dream" means to focus and zoom the photos of destiny called visions for clearer view manipulation and exploitation.

Never climb the tree with the reason of plucking a fruit; only to get there and pick a leaf. Let everything you get there to do be done and let it be done well!

Your initiatives should be purposeful. Never climb a tree with the purpose of plucking a fruit only to come down with a leaf.

You cannot climb up to a true leadership position unless you use the ladder of integrity!

If you fall into a pit you need a ladder not a hoe. You must climb up and not dig up. Leaders discover the right way out of limitations.

Your future is bright. Just stop hanging around people who try to dim your light and you will climb up to a higher height! Don't give up on the fight! Stand up for your right! It's within your might!

Leaders don't venture without vision. They don't pray without plans. They don't climb without clues. They are always prepared.

Leaders don't climb hills of success with shoes of pride. They are slippery enough to bring a person down to the valley.

Courage promotes leaders; fear demotes them. Most people who have difficulties climbing up success ladders are fans of fear.

Leaders find something to die for not something to live on. If you haven't found something to die for yet you can't lead.

Leave the quarters of the close-fisted selfishness and live in the edifice of an open-handed generosity. God gives to you so you can share when it's required of you! Give out; conquer greed!

When resistance closes the door against you remember that persistence holds the key. Don't give up too early; insist to endure to the end... You will never regret it!

People's curses will become your clue to win. The trash they think you have will become the treasure for greatness they will plead to enjoy! You will understand this better by and by!

Never be disobedient; take a coach take a mentor and be instructed!

A leader in 10 minutes can unlock your potentials which in reality would have taken you 10 years to do without them.

A good coach can be a caring parent a wise teacher an exemplary pastor a passionate friend or a devoted mentor. Keep in touch with all of them especially at the time they are needed.

If you are not angry with your average performance you can't effect a change! You must get upset to grab the energy to break the fence confining you!

Show your compassion to people in their life time; no amount of your tears can serve as compensation when their coffins are lowered!

True compassion does not sit on the laps of renovation; it dives with an approach to reconstruction. Don't throw a coin at a begger. Rather destroy his source of poverty.

Never fall in love with anything life throws at you. You have what it takes to colour your environment with the right decisions at the right time!

It's only single steps that make a journey of 1000 miles. It means the combined effect of many steps is the equivalence of a great journey. Go take many little steps.

The most valuable lessons in life do not come when you are walking or running. They come when you fall down. You better take them and rise up!

Your decisions determine where you will or will not be in later days to come. Rise up and direct them well!

Honour comes and goes influence comes and stays but none of them safeguards us against danger than the mentor of true leadership; Jesus Christ!

Whatever dream God gave to you is for the comfort of those God keeps around you!

There is no other way to determine the difference between the will of God and the crafts of satan... Jesus is the way the truth and the life... The Holy Spirit of God is the Comforter...

Leaders don't fall in gutters of fear; only negative ideas flow in that canal. There you will see filthy things like doubts and disbelief.

Stays focused and channel your little efforts through a common canal and you will marvel at the amount of pressure you create in that canal.

God has not given us the spirit of fear. So imagine where your fear coming from. It's from somewhere else!

Don't recide in the past. Instead refer to it else you will remain in the remand of high demand but with low command

Your destiny lies in your own hands. But remember it was God who deposited it there!

Leadership crisis erupt when people who have not learnt how to obey instructions are given the privilege to give commands. Leaders are experienced servants.

Never REJECT yourself due to the sins you have committed. REGRET will do nothing; REPENT and do something!

Be a good listener. With rapt attention let every communication or conversation you have with your mentor friends or even strangers be well understood.

Compass rules direction; Decision rules life!

You are your own vehicular machinery that ought to propel yourself under guidance of the compass of the Holy Spirit of God. Don't go off the track!

Aside your dreams to improve your community country and continent dare to save a soul for God. Show compassion show love... Feed hungry souls and let God be glorified!

Compete with yourself; you have no knowledge about the degree of gifting others might have. Don't decide to slow down because you have gone too far and everyone is behind you!

Self-condemnation means speaking against one's own success. If can't stop confirming your incompetencies for what you are competent for you are unlikely do pursue your true purpose.

In your goals to go the extra mile prepare to pay an extra cost. Excellence is to be exceptional surpassing more competent and a step ahead with what is in your hands.

A leader who sows confidence will reap excellency and legacy. A leader who sows fear will reap stagnancy or complacency.

Positive thinkers focus their minds on the future; they are never complacent about where they are.

Never be complacent about the current steps; don't agree and follow the status quo. Be determined that you are making an indelible impact with great change. Now dress up and go to make it happen!

Empty complaints are the sources of everyday failure but not the problem being complained about. Problems are solvable; but not with complaints. A complainer is just an explainer of problems!

When you complain you explain pain for no gain. Endure and balance yourself through the pain be hopeful and persist to the end.

You have been complaining so long about your labour pains. It's time to show us your baby! What at all have you been dreaming about that long? Let's see it and give it a name!

Do the most difficult thing if that is what will pay you. Dust the Rust if you Must. Success never comes with ease.

Live on no complex dreams... When the meaning of what you want to do isn't clear it means there is absolutely no meaning! Simplicity with curiosity is the lap on which success rests!

You must stay focused concentrating on the work at hand. Consistency makes the rain drops to create holes in the rock.

Give full attention to what you do. If you give a rapt attention to what you do you can have what you could have done in 3 hours well completed within 2 hours or less. Concentration is the key word.