Isaac Barrow Quotes

Every ear is tickled with the sweet music of applause.

Facetiousness is allowable when it is the most proper instrument of exposing things apparently base and vile to due contempt.

Poetry is a kind of ingenious nonsense (Spence Anecdotes

An accomplished mathematician i.e. a most wretched orator.

Nature has concatenated our fortunes and affections together with indissoluble bands of mutual sympathy.

Sin is never at a stay; if we do not retreat from it we shall advance in it; and the farther on we go the more we have to come back.

Mathematics - the unshaken Foundation of Sciences and the plentiful Fountain of Advantage to human affairs.

The reading of books what is it but conversing with the wisest men of all ages and all countries.

Nothing of worth or weight can be achieved with half a mind with a faint heart and with a lame endeavor.

None are too wise to be mistaken but few are so wisely just as to acknowledge and correct their mistakes and especially the mistakes of prejudice.

We should allow others' excellences to preserve a modest opinion of our own.

Nothing hath wrought more prejudice to religion or brought more disparagement upon truth than boisterous and unseasonable zeal.

If men are wont to play with swearing anywhere can we expect they should be serious and strict therein at the bar or in the church.

We may be as good as we please if we please to be good.

It is commonly said that revenge is sweet but to a calm and considerate mind patience and forgiveness are sweeter.

Mr Newton a fellow of our College and very young being but the second year master of arts; but of an extraordinary genius and proficiency.

Shall we keep our hands in our bosom or stretch ourselves on our beds of laziness while all the world about us is hard at work in pursuing the designs of its creation?

Even private persons in due season with discretion and temper may reprove others whom they observe to commit sin or follow bad courses out of charitable design and with hope to reclaim them.

He who loveth a book will never want a faithful friend a wholesome counsellor a cheerful companion or an effectual comforter.

Generosity is nothing more seen than in a candid estimation of other men's virtues and good qualities.

Slander is a complication a comprisal and sum of all wickedness.

Wherefore for the public interest and benefit of human society it is requisite that the highest obligations possible should be laid upon the consciences of men.

No man speaketh or should speak of his prince that which he hath not weighed whether it will consist with that veneration which should be preserved inviolate to him.

Smiling always with a never fading serenity of countenance and flourishing in an immortal youth.

Upright simplicity is the deepest wisdom and perverse craft the merest shallowness.

Let us consider that swearing is a sin of all others peculiarly clamorous and provocative of Divine judgment.

Because Mathematicians frequently make use of Time they ought to have a distinct idea of the meaning of that Word otherwise they are Quacks.

The proper work of man the grand drift of human life is to follow reason that noble spark kindled in us from heaven.

It is safe to make a choice of your thoughts scarcely ever safe to express them all.

Industry has annexed thereto the fairest fruits and the richest rewards.

I pass by that it is very culpable to be facetious in obscene and smutty matters.

Because men believe not in Providence therefore they do so greedily scrape and hoard. They do not believe in any reward for charity therefore they will part with nothing.