India.Arie Quotes

I decided that instead of apologizing for having a lot to say I wanted to create a format where people would come to hear me sing and speak.

I will be patient kind faithful and true To a man who loves music a man who loves art Respect's the spirit world and thinks with his heart

Some people just don't like to be their self. I'm always looking analyzing myself.

I choose to be authentic in everything I do

In a world of smoke and ashes you are milk and honey

It seems nobody really talks about what we do with our emotional pain. Only the ascendant perhaps who have learned how to fully meditate or do yoga or whatever through their emotional pain.

It's not fair that people ignore AIDS in Africa because it's Africa. It's not fair.

I'm African American I'm a lot of other things a musician and an artist. But that woman part holds the most pain for me. And therefore obviously the most lessons.

Go on and love yourself cause everything's gonna be alright.

I'm not the average girl from your video and I ain't built like a supermodel but I learned to love myself unconditionally because i am a queen

What tried to demolish me I allowed to polish me.

The songs that I've written about Africa and AIDS and HIV and about the power of humanitarian love those songs I'm gonna sing them because I know that it's real.

Strength courage &'s been inside of me all along...

I'm passionate about the empowerment and healing of girls and women. Where I do the most work in that regard is in my songwriting.

In the music industry it's just you're either Black or white and this is the box you get put in.

There's hope. It doesn't cost a thing to smile. You don't have to pay to laugh. You better thank God for that.

If you give me half a chance. I'll prove this to you. I will be patient kind faithful and true.

Any time someone is passionate about a cause it's because they want to heal something inside of themselves.

I feel very strongly in my opinion that everyone is responsible to themselves for what they do.

In reality on the grand scale in my opinion... we are actually all responsible for each other.

If I'm not doing anything to make a change then I'm responsible.

A person's either responsible for themselves or we're all responsible for each other.

Your real job in this world is to be you.

When I perform I'm just very much just being myself.

Success is clarity of my intention....and reaching that intention while being true to myself and with joy.

I'm still afraid of things obviously - we're human. But I like that feeling of being afraid.

Things that I'm afraid to do are always about being afraid of being exposed. Every time that's what it's always about.

My body is beautiful and sacred and I'm going to celebrate it.

Beautiful jewelry a beautiful room - that's what museums are - a beautiful painting a beautiful face it makes you feel good to look at and that's a beautiful thing.

It's always sad to me when certain people are excluded from being considered beautiful... because of someone else's expectation. That bothers me.

Life is a journey not a destination; there are no mistakes just chances we've taken.

The only thing constant in the world is change that's why today I take life as it comes

Chaos isn't good for your health.

Every mountain needs someone to climb it Every ocean needs someone to dive in Every dream needs someone to wish it Every adventure needs someone to live it

Because you never know where life is gonna take you And you can't change where you've been But today I have the opportunity to choose...

I cant control everything and I dont need to

It doesn't cost a thing to smile

If you create the game then you create the rules.

The worst disease in the world is hate. And the cure for hate is love.

What did not demolish me simply polished me.

God is infinitely creative and everyone's different and everyone has a different path a different lesson a different song a different face a different voice.

Everybody has their own path. I got mine.

Either you're a hater or a lover.

The truth it needs no proof. Either it is or it isn't.

I'm not just making rhymes and making melodies. I'm expressing my true life force energy.

You're only human. Let's break free of this gravity of judgment And fly high on the wings of forgiveness.

In the quest for fortune and fame...don't forget about the simple things.

The difference between living and feeling alive is using your fear as fuel to fly.

There's a million ways to make people happy.

I think it's OK that everyone's not real heavy and wordy and heady.

If he ever left me I wouldn't even be sad; no 'cause there's a blessing in every lesson and I'm glad that I knew him at all.

The thing that makes me feel most alive is knowing that there's something that I have to do that I'm afraid of.

Eating is not one of the things that I do now to deal with pain because I don't ever want to do that. But I isolate myself that's what I do.

I'm just in that stage where I pray for God to show me how I can be effective in the world and things come up and I go. But I have yet to really dig in.

What is socially irresponsible once again is just all my opinion. But there are things that I don't think are cool.

Anyway in my performance style I'm a singer-songwriter. People can call it neo-soul or R&B or whatever. But at the core when you see me live I'm a singer-songwriter.

I heard a voice that told me I'm essential. How all my fears are limiting my potential. Said it's time to step into the light and use every bit of power i have inside.

I like when a teenager comes and talks to me on the street. I've been through a lot and I have a lot to share.

Tolerance is the seed and the gift of pure acceptance is the tree

There are rules but there's really no wrong way.

The thing that makes me most vulnerable is romantic relationship.

I have my whole life been healing the girl inside the part of me that struggles about being a female in the world. That's why I write about the things I write about.

Break the Shell": "Child it's time to break the shell Life's gonna hurt but it's meant to be felt You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself You cannot fly until you break the shell.

I'm a Libra I always have two sides of everything.

No matter what anybody says what matters most is what you think of yourself.